Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Asking about your ex boyfriends and your past?

Girls how do you feel when guys ask about your past relationships and your ex boyfriends? Do you lie? refuse to answer? I tend to feel much better after i have talked to girls about their life before me. Even if i don't like the answers when i get an honest answers and a girl is open with me about everything I end up feeling much closer to them, because your past makes you who you are, even if it is embarrassing or you have a lot of regrets. Hearing that your ex boyfriend had a bigger dick or you used to do weird **** is something that only feels weird for a moment.

Ladies opinions please? Is it weird that it makes me feel better after knowing what kind of person my girlfriends used to be? About their mistakes and their happy times?Asking about your ex boyfriends and your past?
Honesty is the best policy and if a new bf cant deal with the fact I have a past then I'd rather find out sooner than later.

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