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How do you get over your ex whom you lost your virginity to?

hes hot, he was great in the beginning of this relationship. but when i rushed into things, everything changed. i felt used and emotionally abused. on new years day he broke up with me after we did it for the last time. i feel hurt because i gave up my innocence to him. the day he broke up with me, he told me he had been talking to another girl and he thinks he's inlove with her. and that he couldnt see himself being with me in the future. it really hurt. this situation may sound cliche but its a serious matter i dont know what i can do. ive tried keeping myself busy its just i cant stop thinking about the things we've been through these past 5 months. i'll always look at my cellphone thinking he'd call me...i mean he doesnt even want to be friends. you know how hard it is to accept. to think that hes doing some other girl....omg help. should i put a fake ultrasound under his doorstep or something?!!!!!! am i going insane or is this just simply a phase im going through.How do you get over your ex whom you lost your virginity to?
the first love always hurts the most. let him go now. remember him for the good. maybe in the future he will grow up and u guys can be friendsHow do you get over your ex whom you lost your virginity to?
it is a phase, that f****** sux but everyone has to go through. Just learn from this so you can apply it in the future.
Sadly the answer to this question is one you wont believe right now, I was with my ex who I lost my virginity to for 2 1/2 years, and then she slept with someone else, so I know what you are going through. It really does get better, I thought things were all over for me and now 6 months on, I met someone so amazing it puts my past relationships to shame. Just be positive, there really are better people for you out there, even though there is no way you believe that right now, you think Im wrong and that I dont know what you had, right? Yours was a different kind of love. Thats how it feels and it takes a long time to deal with sometimes. If it was meant to be he wouldnt have gone off with another woman, think of it as a lucky escape and have fun with your friends and just live life the best you can, it will get better, I promise. Good Luck.
How do you get over your ex? Time.. It takes time. Focus on things other than your ex. If he or she doesn't want to be with you( I know this sounds difficult), move on. There are millions of people on this planet and their are more people out there. Find someone who has good traits.. Not just looks..but personality, good values and goals to become something other than a player.
This is a serious issue. One of my friends, she was with this guy for a while and she thought she was in love with him. then he broke up with her in a instant for another girl. and then when that didn't work out, he tried to come back to her like everything was cool like nothing happened. All the advise i can give you is try to forget about him. i know it's going to be hard, but if he is the type of guy to take your innocence and then leave for another girl, i would just forget about him. It's gonna be hard, but please try to follow my advice, in the long run your gonna be alot better. right now you are driving your self crazy waiting by your cell phone.
o... i feel bad 4 u. i understand y it wud hurt so much. well u r just gonna have to give urself some time to get over him. It is gonna take plenty of time.... maybe that isnt wut u wanna hear but it is the truth. Just go out w/ some friends n try to have a good time. i dont blame u for feelin so hurt.... i wud feel hurt too. i am so sorry for you. you can always pray for things to get better. i am sorry but you are just gonna have to give it some time.
Stop with the drama....... You said it yourself.... You Rushed Into It!! He's moved on.... and so should you. He used you and treated you badly. Granted, he was your first... and you can't get your virginity back. He may have pressured you, or you felt it was necessary to keep him. That was a hasty decision on your part, and hopefully you've learned a little about how cruel young guys can be, and how they take advantage of girls. You need to be a better judge of character to protect yourself from being hurt so easily. Forget this one... he's not worth worrying about. Find someone who will respect you and treat you well.
he best thing to do is jump in the sack with another guy and you'll forget all about him.
That guy was a jerk. time will be the best thing for you as for as now. don't feel bad. about 89% of girls that give it up to guys never stay with them. it happens. you just need to go have fun and stop thinking about it so much and watch alot of comedy and let time be you're friend.
don't try the fake pregnancy thing. It will only make you look like a psycho. My advice go on hang out with your friends go see a movie. Catch up with the gossip %26amp; whatever teenage girls do. Don't let another player get that close again and hurt you. He is a player by the way and he will just hurt the next girl and the next and so on. I doubt you were the first girl he did this too.Tell your friends about it so they can make you feel better. Talking about what a jerk he is. Eventually you won't even know what you saw in him..
If his heart doesnt belong to you anymore, what else can you do? Get over it...Tomorrow will be a better day....find some friends to hang out... He doesnt know how to appreciate you is his lost. Good Luck.
My experience tells me you won't be able to continue being friends with him. This is especially true for the current phase you are in. Out of sight is out of mind. Try to accept that and leave the bitterness behind.

And yes, it is a phase - very temporary.
Time heals everything. He did you a favor by breaking up with you now, not that he should have been sleeping with you while he had feelings for someone else. If you want to get over him, think about how poorly he treated you. Atleast you aren't married or pregnant or something where it would be a much more difficult situation. Try to move on and forget him. Good luck!
from what i understand most people feel like this.....see i was different and i felt no attatchment at all i think i got lucky....but you gave something to that guy that you will never be able to get back so i guess a part of you will always be with him and you will always remember him but i think with time you will get over him not forget him but get over him and you will find someone who truely appreciates you
This world is a shadow , it's an illusion! It's a test! Don't try to dance around your pain . Walk throught your void , do not dance around it . When you walk through your void and say I want more pain more pain more pain, Pain is going to depart! I know what's your feeling. The more pain that's your feeling the more Light is waiting to enter into your Life Believe me ! If you look at you situation as an opportunity the Light is giving you , amazing miracles are going to enter you life! I want to help you e-mail me I have spiritual courses , I am going to share with you that I have that helped me greatly ! God Bless !

Breakdown Lyrics


We all come in from the cold

We come down from the wire

An everybody warms themselves

to a different fire

When sometimes we get burned

You'd think sometime we'd learn

The one you love is the one

That should take you higher

You ain't got no one

You better go back out and find her

Just like children hidin' in a closet

Can't tell what's goin' on outside

Sometimes we're so far off the beaten track

We'll get taken for a ride

By a parlor trick or some words of wit

A hidden hand up a sleeve

To think the one you love

could hurt you now

Is a little hard to believe

But everybody darlin' sometimes

Bites the hand that feeds

When I look around

Everybody always brings me down

Well is it them or me

Well I just can't see

But there ain't no peace to found

But if someone really cared

Well they'd take the time to spare

A moment to try and understand

Another one's despair

Remember in this game we call life

That no one said it's fair


Let me hear it now


let me hear it now



Let me hear it now


let me hear it now

Get down with yo' bad self


I've come to know the cold

I think of it as home

When there ain't enough of me to go around

I'd rather be left alone

But if I call you out of habit I'm out of love and

I gotta have it

Would you give it to me if I fit your needs

Like when we both knew we had it

But now the damage's done

And we're back out on the run

Fun how ev'rything was roses

When we held on to the guns

Just because you're winnin'

Don't mean you're the lucky ones


Let me hear it now





Let me hear it now

';There goes the challenger being chased

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our lone driver

The last American hero

The-the electric centaur

The demi-god,

The super driver of the golden west!

Two nasty Nazi cars are close behind

The beautiful lone driver

The police cars are getting closer-closer...

Closer to our soul hero in his soul mobile

Yeah baby!

They about to strike, They gonna get him,

Smash! Rape!

The last beautiful free soul on this planet is written if the Evil Spirit arms the Tiger with claws

Brahman provideth wings for the Dove

Thus spake the Super Guru'; *

';Did you hear that';

Knockin' On Heaven's Door Lyrics

(Bob Dylan)

Mama take this badge from me

I can't use it anymore

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Feels like I'm knockin' on heaven's door

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Knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door, ha ha yeahh

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Mama put my guns in the ground

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Knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door...

Down On The Farm Lyrics

All I need is some inspiration

Before I do somebody some harm

I feel just like a vegetable

Down here on the farm

Nobody comes to see me

Nobody here to turn me on

I ain't even got a lover

Down here on the farm

They told me to get healthy

They told me to get some sun

But boredom eats me like cancer

Down here on the farm

Drinking lemonade shanty

Ain't no body gonna do me harm

But I'm like a fish out of water

Down here on the farm

I write a thousand letters

'til my fingers all gone numb

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Down here on the farm

I call my baby on the telephone

I say come down and have some fun

But she knows what the score is

Down here on the farm

I can't fall in love with a wheat field

I can't fall in love with a barn

When everything smells like horse ****

Down here on the farm

Blue skies and swimming pools

Add so much charm

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On the ******* farm!

Are you born in a ******* barn or what?


Hold Still..
It is hard to get over your first and if it helps you any I went through the same thing let me tell you I went through it with him and when we broke up I was a mess. But you have to get your self together and move on and just to put light at the end of you tunnel '; If it was ment to be it will be'; With me after I got myself together girl he was chasing back after me and now I was in control I was able to make him see what he was missing by being myself and keeping it together you just have to pull yourself up and remeber who you are and that if he doesn't want you it is his lost girl move on I know it is easier said then done ( believe me ) but we are women and god made us strong so you can do it ( smile )
Not a phase but what it really says is that you were emotionally NOT ready to have this physical relationship. You didn't list your age but know these feelings are not permanent and although you hurt now chalk it up to lessons learned. Yes, you gave your virginity and will not get it back but you can begin again. Do whatever you have to to get this guy off your mind. Take a walk, read a book, join a club, get a job, but do something that keeps your mind busy and your feelings will subside in time. I know it feels like the end of the earth now but it does get better! Good Luck to you!
I understand that it's a hard situation, but do NOT resort to immaturity and tricking him to believe you are pregnant or such. No need to make things worse. Just give yourself time, and move on.
I still never got over mine...19 years later. I still love him. But i know that he hurt me and I will be wiser to know that someone worthy of my mind and body wouldn't do me like that. I moved on but I still can't help but think about how I still care about him.
It's simply a phase. It might take a long time for you to get over him given that you gave such an important part of yourself to him. Don't seek him, if it's meant to be he will realize what a big mistake he made and will come back to you.

NO man deserves you being all depressed about. I have gone through some heartbreak myself, and believe me, it will be better with time. Time heals all wounds.

Keep your chin up, there is someone out there for you who will realize what a wonderful person you are and will treasure you for who you are, not just for giving it up to him.

Good luck to you!!
You need to find a new man to flirt with and distract you, or some distraction start a new hobby, pick up a sport, exercise!! It is a great way to relieve tension and stress and stop focusing so much on this man--he doesn't deserve you!!

It's easy enough to say--but you need to take steps and begin the grieving process to get over him. Because you will be mourning his loss as if someone died in your life.

Another reason why women should not get involved in a sexual relationship too soon with a man. For a woman--she almost always gets emotionally attached and her body puts out chemicals that make her addicted to the man and the sex--dopamine. It is very difficult to get over and for the man---he can just walk away without hardly feeling anything. Sex for him was just a physical act like relieving himself in the restroom or something.

Take heart and know it will get easier, but you are special and you need to respect yourself so you can find a man that respects you!
oh that is so cruel! I don't know what to tell you sweetie. If I'm in the same situation as you then I would cry to death! I would hate him so much that I would kill him. But no no, don't do that please, that's not going to give your virginity back.

um... I think the only way you can find happiness again is to think it in another aspect. Think it this way, you've chosen the wrong person to give yourself to, and you've made the biggest mistake ever and you can't change it. But, you can just take it as a lesson. To never trust any one so easily anymore. It's a precious lesson isn't it? You've learned from your mistakes and now forget about him because he's a trash, throw him to the trashcan and be a happy new you. You do not care about him, and you have to believe in yourself. You are strong and independent. Kick him out of your life.
It sucks i know. My gf of 6 years broke up with me and we lost our virginity together. I don't want to lose her for that reason. I begged her to stay she did, but its really over and i am having a terrible time dealing with it.

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