Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Have you ever got back with your ex, and how did it go?

I REALLY REALLY miss my ex, and I even feel like I'm willing to do anything I can get back him (I know it sounds kinda pathetic though....). I wonder how often people get back with their ex and how it worked. Thanks for your advice.Have you ever got back with your ex, and how did it go?
well.. I was in your same situation last summer. The more I tried to talk to him the more he pulled back after we broke up.. so I let him be for a few months which meant no talking (just hi's occasionally and how are you if I saw him randomly). Gradually he began to talk to me again after a few months I think because the bad memories began to fade and he missed me. We hung out a couple times.. I was happy and not (may I repeat) not clingy.. for example after a date I didn't expect another one and just let him contact me again.. and I guess the attraction started over and he asked me back out. But what do you know.. we've been back together for almost a year and the same issues arise. We both are more mature but still have the same problems so expect to have the same problems if you do get back together and be willing to solve them.Have you ever got back with your ex, and how did it go?
i t wasnt ever the same with any of my ex's. i figure if it didnt work the first time there s always a reason. even if u never really know whwt the reason is.
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