Friday, August 20, 2010

How do you handle custody when your ex girlfriend hates you?

My ex girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and she still hates me because of the fact that I responded so horribly to the pregnancy, I even pushed her in the beginning. I have since sought counseling for my anger problems.

She hates my guts, she wont even let me go to her doctor appointments with her or at least the ultrasounds, she went into labor last week and she didn't even call me to at least be there for our daughter.

When my daughter is born, I don't wan't to miss a day of her life, I even want to be there for my ex.

Since my ex will be breastfeeding I cant take my daughter overnight or for long periods of time.

I want to be able to see my daughter everyday of her life and I dont want to miss a minute.

In short, how do I get my ex to understand that. I know my ex is afraid of me and hates my guts, but how do you handle issues like these? How do I get to see my child everyday since she will be with her mother everyday who hates me!

Ive gotten a lawyer and because she will be nursing the courts do not separate the mother and child, because she is aware of my anger problem she does not want me around the baby alone!

My attorney said that I could have supervised visitation but it would not be the same that I want.How do you handle custody when your ex girlfriend hates you?
Do the small things for her and your baby, its not that she hates you its that you lost her trust. You could've killed your unborn child and you are very lucky you did.

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