Friday, August 20, 2010

Your Ex a friend or an enemy (this is long)?

In my own heart i consider my second ex girlfriend as my enemy for breaking my heart and that she wanted us to be friend. Honestly i really don't believe that here this message at the end here my poem expressing how i felt after the breakup

Her message

-sigh- someone brainwashed you didnt they.

look if your still made about what happened to us so be it, but i cant change the past because guess what.....its the past!!!!=O so deal

i tried to go back to being friends then you ignore me i try online you start talking to me but its all semi-suisidal rantings then i try to joke with you, your serious. honestly i dont know if i wanna be your friend anymore, or what ever you consider us as who knows what i am to you.

i could be dead for all i know

My message

okay you know what

1. I'm over that

2. I know what's in the past is in the past

3. just because I'm semi-suisidal doesn't mean i want to do it

4. your not dead to mean unless you do something like killed my folks or my gf or my bros (which i know your not that crazy to do) then I would know that your dead by getting revenge by paintballing your house with a smily joker face or kill you .

5.Brainwashing not okay!?!! how is that possible even though they might do on t.v.

6. after what happend to us I hated you!!! it hurt me I couldn't sleep or eat. everytime you would say hi i would say goodbye then I realized that hating someone was never in my nature know Laura thinks that I should find peace with you and forgive you

8. I'm pretty sure that I dead to you too!

Her message


1,2,3 ok as long as you dont actually do it were cool even semi is bad enough.

4, i agree with you on that one

5, it is possible to do, its kinda when you get that mentality that everythings gonna be fine but its only gonna get worse. kinda like that but with a person telling you that.

6,see was that so hard? i've been trying to get you to say that to me, to get you to speak whats on your mind for a year! was that really that hard?

7,well laura's right. i mean i have been trying to be your friend for awhile

8,you were'nt dead to me. how many times have i tried to reach out to you? i really did try but come on. can anyone try forever?

it hurts you so

I know it's over and I can't believe

but the turth is real, so take your leave

you wanted us to be friends, to make it less

well guess what sister, THIS IS YOUR MESS.

I try so hard to make it better, you might as

well trash the roses and my love letter. As time

moves on and u found new love, I grew so bored and

completely sick of. We see each other in the halls

as you said ';hi';, I walk passed you and said ';Good-bye';.

At lunch you go by me and said ';were friends now we

shouldn't fight'; as I closed my eyes and yelled,';Get out of my sight';

as you walk away with sadness in your eyes, I really don't want to hear

any more of your lies. My sorrows grew from head to toe,

I looked at your face and whispers '; it hurts you so';Your Ex a friend or an enemy (this is long)?
if u r not my friend i consider u a foe and an enemy
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