Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My ex problem?

I am not in a relationship right now but my ex just got out of a relationship, she told me her ex was crappy. Now she's becomming more in contact with me. The reason why we broke up was because she was still in love with her ex (first love). Now after a couple years of barely contacting me or me with her, she says she misses me and wants to visit me, Really I hated how she changed on me before, she went from caring, giving love compassion then like after a while she started treatin me like crap, now that she contacted me I told her I'm not sure, she said when she sees me she wants to know if we could be sexually involved, even if it is for a certain amount of time. I told her, I'm not really sure. She's kind of an a hole to be honest with you. she says all her relationships end the same, and she thinks its everybody else? If you smell crap wherever you go shouldn't you look under your own shoe? Have you ever wanted your ex back even though you didn't want the person they are now?My ex problem?
I think you know the answer already. She is who she is, and you don't want to be with that person. Until you want to be with who she is, dating is a bad idea.

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