Friday, August 20, 2010

Ladies honestly! what do you think?

what should i do to keep my ex gf thinking about me as if she should have taken me back. dated for 3 years. broke up for 6 months with no contact but she new i wanted her back but i should have given her time. I tried to get back with her...texted and called her recently around valentines day. i asked her out to dinner she said she would but backed out saying she was sick. havent spoke to her in 3 weeks. sent her flowers recently with a note ';thinking of you';. she still has not respond. honestly ladies what is the best thing i should do to really show her i was a great guy and that i still love her. i dont want her to think im a stalker, i just want her to realize i have alot to offer to her now and realized a really hard lesson.

plus how often do you think about your ex even though you havent spoke to them?Ladies honestly! what do you think?
forget her move on. find someone else and she will be back.%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;Ladies honestly! what do you think?
I can not answer as to what she feels for you, but she is clearly asking you for some space. Send her a note telling her to call you when SHE is ready and meanwhile move on with your own life. I'm not saying find another girlfriend necessarily, but get busy with things that interest you so that you are not always thinking of her.

I very rarely think of my ex unless I run into a mutual aquaintance or something along that nature.

Sorry if it's not what you want to read, but you did ask for honesty.
the best thing to do is to stop calling her txting her and sending her things because she probably is enjoying all of that and she is probably so used to that already so if you stop doing all that... that will get her thinking that maybe you got tired and you gave up already so just give her some time and ignore her and she will be the one calling you sooner or me this happened to me!! not until i realized that he wasnt there anymore.. i started calling him!! and wanting him back good luck!!
honestly; let her qo. it SUCKS to think about.. but if she wanted to be with you she would :[ my ex is just like you and we went out over a year. But i can never think of him as when we went out.

im sorry to tell you :[
Usually when I break up with someone not by circumstance (moving, etc) I cut them out for good. I never think about them, if only for a passing moment and they have no chance of getting back with me. The fire's gone. Honestly I think it's time to forget about her, there are plenty of other women out there who will see just how much you have to offer. Me, I live by the rule: If you can reach her, then she can reach you. If she hasn't, then she didn't want to.

I know it's hard even though you still love her. Regardless I would just get out there %26amp; live life.

If you really want to give it one more chance call her and directly tell her what you want. She will probably give you the answer to your question.
how often do you think about your ex even though you havent spoke to them?

It depends on how strong the realtionship was. If I was into him and even if I still don't like him at least once a week.

You need to write her a long heartfelt letter. Just give it to her. She won't be abel to help but read it. When you think it's a good time txt her ';What did you think of the letter?'; if she still dosen't respond I know it's hard but you'll have to move on.
okay. so i see where your coming from. i've been the girlfriend in this sittuation and trust me, she just wants you to leave her alone. you should move on. It's obvious she's avoiding you and you dont deserve that kind of disrespect. so i say you should let her go and move on. She'll notice you more when she notices your not bothering her anymore.

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