Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you cope when you find out your ex husband is getting remarried a month after you split?

I'm finding it hard to come to terms with the situation. I found out about the relationship through the internet. I have messages from him a few weeks before the proposal professing his love and adoration to me. I realize that life moves on, but I find myself now at a standstill even though I know my decision to leave the relationship was the right one.How do you cope when you find out your ex husband is getting remarried a month after you split?
He is rebounding -- which simply means he is trying to prove to himself, or you or the world that he's still loveable and worthy of affection.

Rebound relationships rarely work out. Once he's figured out he's worthy again, he will move on.

Happens all the time.

and i'd also like to say, this isn't about YOU, so don't take it personally... it's about him, grasping at straws, getting into a relationship that really isn't a relationship at all.How do you cope when you find out your ex husband is getting remarried a month after you split?
I have 4 year marriage, and I have 1 years old baby Girl,I spearate with ex 1 month ago due to mother inlaw problem, and I found he has relationship with a woman 1 week ago. but I don't have evidence to apprvol it happens before he filing the divorce. I feel bad, I can't sleep overnight,

I tell myself, move on and live best life where I should focus on.
Don't waste any more time on him. Thinking about the ex is a no-no. Just move on with your life. You're denying yourself by thinking of your ex. He's not worth it. You've got things to do, people to meet. Get on with your life. The past is past. He obviously has no respect for himself or his new squeeze.
Goodness! That's tough. Maybe this is just a rebound and he won't really go through with it. If not well... do you have anything left of his to smash (kididng, although I think that would help me)? If you don't have kids don't talk to him unless you have to and find something to throw yourself into ( a hobby you haven't touched in forever or maybe a class you wanted to take but never got around to it). Also try to make/catch up with friends as they can help keep you busy. Good luck.
ok, let me get this straight.. he wrote you and illustrated his love for you and now he is getting married? wow, what a pig.... trust me that marriage wont last... good thing you got out while you could.

how do you cope? thank the heavenly stars you got out..
If he slings the ';love'; word around like that, you are lucky to be rid of him. There is someone out there that will sincerely love and respect you. This guy obviously did not!!
he was probably having relations with her long before you split- well, you don't have to know how to just happens, time is all you need.
Celebrate the end of his singledom and the nice push it gives you toward your journey along the right direction.
shes getting your sloppy seconds rofl.
You do what he did and move on. He's not letting his past keep him from building himself a new future, why should you?
when GOD closes one door he opens another trust me, im livng proof.. just keep believeing and praying
its faith so u dont go back to the a$$hole!!!!

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