Friday, August 20, 2010

Ladies be completely honest...what?

should i do to keep my ex gf thinking about me as if she should have taken me back. dated for 3 years. broke up for 6 months with no contact but she new i wanted her back but i should have given her time. I tried to get back with her...texted and called her recently around valentines day. i asked her out to dinner she said she would but backed out saying she was sick. havent spoke to her in 3 weeks. sent her flowers recently with a note ';thinking of you';. she still has not respond. honestly ladies what is the best thing i should do to really show her i was a great guy and that i still love her. i dont want her to think im a stalker, i just want her to realize i have alot to offer to her now and realized a really hard lesson.

plus how often do you think about your ex even tho it didnt work out?Ladies be completely honest...what?
heres what you do pretend your over it , go out with other girls.. shes bound to be jealouse .. trust me. ive expiernced it my ex wanted em back and i said no .. now hes dating again and i feel terrible i want him back NOW!!Ladies be completely honest...what?
Aww shes lucky, I wish I had a guy crazy about me like u r crazy for her. If she is not opening up to u, move on...

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