Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guys, have you gone through this?

Say you've recently broken up with your girlfriend of several years. You're understandably nervous about what a huge change it is, so you remain somewhat attached to your ex, even though every time you're around each other you're both in awful moods. What will it take to be able to really move on? Do you just want time, or would you feel secure enough to if you knew another girl was interested in you, or are you maybe hanging on to the hope that you can get back with your ex? Anyone that's gone through this, tell me how you felt.Guys, have you gone through this?
I'm not a dude, but I can relate. Dating a girl is hard, especially, with a chick you are really attached to. Moments will get really awkward, and upsetting. But don't beat yourself, you really wanna get over it, go out with the guys, or stay in and do what makes you happy. If you have already found another girl, and are uncomfortable let her know. If you found another girl, and feel great, GO FOR IT. If you have not found another girl, then just take it ONE day at a time.Guys, have you gone through this?
Do you miss her? Do you want her back? You need to think about that. If you say no. Then the only way to move on is to go on a date with another girl and try to forget her. Not forget cuz thats not possible but put her in another part of your mind. Where she won't be the main focus. Maybe find out the reasons why shes in an awful mood. Why are you in a bad mood? What would happen if u two werent in a bad mood? Would you want to be back with her? Its more sounding like you just needed a break then a move on. If you really wanted to move on. You would have done so.
When i broke up with my girl friend i needed time to cure the thought of my ex.
It's just two weeks ago when i went through the same situation. My ex cheated on me. I don't believe in forgiving her. I hate her for breaking ma heart. My heart feels hatred to all girls who come along my way for the fear of breaking up.
I felt like snogging her boobs and having sex with her. I dreamed of running around London with her naked. I was so madly in love with her I glued my dad's dick to his stomach because I was so angry.

Hoped I helped.

P.S. I am a lesbian.
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