Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is the best way to handle your ex girl friend?

I'm a muslim guy, age 23, not a realigious person but believe in god... i've been seing this scottish christian girl who goes to the same university as i do.....for almost a year.....we just broke up n now she is a totally different person....she speaks to me as if she has no respect for me.....she always wanned to be friends if we ever broke up but i said no, then again when i thought hard about it, i said yes to her....but she's just too cold n shallow....i mean no matter how nice i try to be with her she treats me even worse....what is the best thing for me to do at this point of time? i'm crushed....she's got no sympathy for me n treats me really bad....what am i supposed to do....i love her too much.What is the best way to handle your ex girl friend?
She finally realized she was dating a muslim.

TAKE A HINT AND MOVE ON AKBAR!What is the best way to handle your ex girl friend?
yo! do what your heart tells you to do but you also have to consider your reason. When it comes to love religion is not a big deal. tell her what you feel. Love and pain can not be separated. when you love you have to face the consequence/s. i hope this simple message helps you to have an idea how to face such experience like that.
There's no easy answer to this question - all i would suggest that you do is be polite, smile and say hello if you should bump into each other.

I would not try to make conversation as it would seem like you are trying too hard.

Women are very strange creatures - believe it or not we like our men to be hard on the exterior but soft inside (however the soft side is for the relationship side). The hard side is the 'caveman' attitude whereby you are a survivor and really don't need her full time anyway.

She would be interested at this point to wonder why you are not persistently trying to chat to her. I would say she would then approach you.

Best of luck. x
You told her you didnt want to be friends...I guess she was crushed too.
you dont handle her at all. its over. Move on dont talk to her period think of it like she died.
move on with your life and ignore will adjust in time....good luck
Be yourself. Look at it this way. You found out that this wasn't the girl for you early in the game. That's wonderful. Know what you want in a relationship and stick with your ideas. Before you can even attempt any relationship, you have to know your self very well. Of course, your religion will matter, that's part of who you are. If you know what and who you are, the rest is easy. You should not look for sympathy, you are not a victim, you are a nice guy. Look around AFTER you decide what you are and what you are looking for.
Okay, let's see. You broke up, if you did the breaking up, she's probably mad and hurt. Not a good combination. She wanted to be friends, but you said no you've made her feel that she's not worth being a friend..Sorry, but I think you've gone past the point of no return. Best advice is just let go...if you see her on campus, just say hi and keep walking. If she stops you, then just have a neutral conversation. You may love her as a friend but not enough as a girlfriend if you broke up. And if you are the one who broke it off, why would you expect her to have sympathy for you? Just let it be, stop trying to over correct the situation.
asked her to join Islam.Her heart will be soft.If he do not,don't marry her.Islam cannot marry a person that not a muslim/muslimah

Can I say ';joined'; Islam?
Love her harder.
The simplest answers are usually the ones we won't see.

Thank her for the time you enjoyed together and move on. Be cordial and civil. How she acts toward you is in her control, not yours. You can only control your response to it.
who was the one who suggested breaking up??if it's u,i don't think so she's doing anything wrong with her actions now...everyone has dignity and if u dumped her,she might have felt that u have had cheated on her by saying ';i love u'; all the time and yet u guys didn't have a good ending...well,maybe u should try telling her ur feelings...mayb and hopefully she understand...
do the same thing back to her.
Just shave off her pubes and give her a punch in the face.
Try move on. Ignore her completely for at least a month, preferably two, then if you still want to be friends say ';hi'; when you see her and slowly build up on that. If she's still so cold, drop your losses and find a new girl
the best way to handle her is to just ignore her selfish and rude comments and get on with your own life. Find someone who treats you with respect and get on with them if you ex is being nasty the truth is she probably still likes you get over her. she will come crawling back

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