Friday, August 20, 2010

To all Stepmothers! Do you get along with your partners ex?

My fiance has a 9 year old daughter with a woman he was never married to. We get along great (although not so much in the beginning) We chit chat on the phone, I even worked in her daycare for about a year (she's the director)..How is your experience?To all Stepmothers! Do you get along with your partners ex?
I'm a mom and step mom. I have only met my stepson's mother twice and talked to her on the phone less than a handful of times so we get along fine. I also get along w/my ex's wife almost to the point of considering her a good friend. The only issue I would ever have is if she tried to be his mother and vice versa.To all Stepmothers! Do you get along with your partners ex?
I'm the bio mom.

When I first met her, I really liked her. She seemed very nice and he seemed happy, so I was happy.

But then things got a little wonky. She over stepped a few boundaries. I didn't think that it was a big deal because I didn't think (and still don't) that it was done with anything but innocents; but it upset my daughter so I brought it up that some things just needed to stay my area. (Like shopping for personal clothing.) Anyway...she did not take that very well.

It apparently was also a big problem for her that I was still considered a part of his family. His sister and parents still included me in all of the family get togethers and she took issue with this and started to make things very uncomfortable.

Oh well...You can't have everything I guess.
My husband's ex is a little intimidated by me. My husband gave her the impression that I am a 'tough lady' so she's very cautious around me. We think it's hilarious.

But we do get along. It took awhile. We've never argued or had bad words but in the beginning I couldn't stand her because she was constantly calling my husband to talk about how badly her new husband was treating her.

But two years later, she's stopped doing that. We now sit together at school recitals and talk on the phone when she calls her son. She plays with our son and constantly tells us how cute he is. The only thing I can't stand is her constant talk about money. She's drilled it into her son's head that without money you're a nobody (she married a rich doctor 20+ years her senior). Subsequently we have to always be reminding my stepson that just because we don't have a boat like they do doesn't mean we're any less important.

But she and I - we're fine.
My husband has a 8 year old daughter. He also was never married to her mother. Luckily I don't have to worry about the ex because her mother has not attempted to see or call her in almost 3 years. He has had custody since she was 1 1/2 years old. Since then, her mother would occasionally get her on weekends. I really hate it for my stepdaughter that her mother doesn't want to be in her life.
I am the Bio Mom.... My ex and I were married for 2 years. He started seeing her before we were divorced... Anyways they have been together for 10 years now. Anyways I really do not care for the new wife and the only reason why is because she seems to think I want my ex back, I have been married to my new husband for 7 years and have another child who is 5 and one on the way... So with all that said she keeps him from calling her or seeing our daughter.. which is sad however my daughter has a wonderful step father who loves her alot... We dont really worry about my ex and only care about the child support...

my ex does not call me and I dont call him so its all good....

It helps that he lives in KY and I live FL
My husband has a 2 year old from a previous relationship. They were never married and hardly got along according to him. She moved to the other side of the country with the baby about a year and a half ago. I've only just met her and their son recently and we were civil to each other. I'm currently pregnant with our first child together and she seems interested and wants to be kept updated on it. I would like to have his son involved alot more because well in the end, he will be my sons older half brother.

But so far, we're fine.
No. My husband is a wonderful man, but when he was married before, his wife cheated on him. She treated him terribly throughout and after the divorce. I cannot stand her and I am sick of her idea that we can all be one big happy family.
ughh...i get random girls calling me//emailing me and threatening me about my ex. then when i ask him about it, he says he doesnt know or talk to any other girls lol.

guess they arent that special. my take on it is, if you're cool with me then im cool with you.
I am the biological mother. So I will give you my take on it. I think this ';woman'; who is ';attempting'; to be my daughter's stepmother is a crazy *****. She won't even be seeing my daughter again. :)

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