Friday, August 20, 2010

What to do if your ex-girlfriends best friend tells you she is in love with you & sabotaged your relationship?

To make a long story short me and my ex broke up 6 months ago because I received pictures and a DVD of her cheating on me one day at my office. When I confronted her with this evidence she denied it and said she did not know who was lying on her and that the DVD was an old DVD of her and a past fling and she did not know where the pictures of her kissing the guy in the tape came from. A couple days later while I was doing hers and my laundry I found dirty men's boxers that were not mine given that we have our own laundry room and no males outside of me have been to our apartment in the past month and I do laundry every 3 days I just knew something was up with all of the odd calls I got one day when I was sick and suppose to be at work and on the one day I came home early the bed that I make every morning looked like 2 people had been in it and was left unmade. So at this point me and her split cause she couldn't take my accusation and I couldn't deal with her supposed lies and shady behavior. After the split her best friend gets a job at the insurance company next to my office. Since the split me and her have become pretty good friends and have gone to lunch a few times and she even has escorted me to a couple of company functions and have hung with me and my buddies I kind of figured she liked me but I am not trying to go there and make this split even worst on me cause my ex got married and I think she still loved me and me and me and friend would just make her even more mad and hurt her. So today while she was helping me move into my new home and after everybody leaves she ask if she could borrow my shower and change. So changes into this stunning outfit and and kisses me. I tell her how great she looks and I don't know if we should be going there do my recent break up with her friend. She said she understood but I didn't understand all the work she put in to getting us to this point. She then proceeds to tell me she loves me and that she intentially broke me and my ex up because she couldn't let a good man like me go to someone who didn't appreciate me and told me how she did everything and to give her a call after calm down from being mad at her. Do I call her and tell her how mess up she is? Or do I just ignore her and end our friendship? Or do I see where this could lead and then get my payback?

What to do if your ex-girlfriends best friend tells you she is in love with you %26amp; sabotaged your relationship?
You dont really have to start something by calling her and telling her off, unless you really feel you have to. DONT be friends with her, she sounds crazy. You should maybe apologise to your ex, and maybe tell her what is going on. That can be payback enough, since that girl is supossed to be her friend. Obviously your a good guy, and she is obviously not your type.What to do if your ex-girlfriends best friend tells you she is in love with you %26amp; sabotaged your relationship?
Dude your stuck between a rock and a hard spot but I tell you what you ned to end the friendship and leave town she sounds like the stalker type
Yikes! Have you ever seen the movie Fatal Attraction? This sounds like one of those. Sever all contact with this woman. She's a nut job!

she is evil.

don't have anything to do with her ( not one single thing) she is too sleazy and instead of getting an opportunity for payback, she might be the one that will do you in. admit it she fooled u and your girlfriend without neither of you getting a hint.

break the relationship dint even be friends with her or she might ruin your future relationships. if she is this obsessed and psycho to do this to her friend what do you think she would do to others if she remains your friend? bail out, NOW but be watchfull she might close in on you to mess you up for rejecting her. your work, house, reputation even your ex might be her next Target. if you notice anything mysteriously getting wrong, could be her on the move.

meanwhile call your ex and appologise, tell her everything so she will beware of her evil supposed friend. she might still be a target in her new life cos her supposed friend is a saddist.

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