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How long does it usually take for your ex to want to come back?

My ex dumped me 9 month ago, left me after 61/2 years for his 28 year old co-worker (she dumped her girlfriend to be with him) he is 43 I am 48. They both cable guys for knology. I am an RN.

Long story short, 4 weeks ago he told me i was the best, even better than his ex wife. He misses my cooking and he wished we had children. I wonder where all this BS came from !

I just wonder how long people appart and suddenly they thinking of going back with their ex! Once I heard this lady tell me that after 5 years her ex husband wanted to come back, however, she had finnally moved on after 5 long years.

What is your opinion or experience on this????

I am still single, haven't dated since he dumped me but hoping it will get better in forgetting him at all.

HelpHow long does it usually take for your ex to want to come back? my experience, the ex NEVER wants to come back, and that is just fine with me. He's an ex for a reason, so there really isn't any need to sit around and wonder if he will ever come back. Better off without him.How long does it usually take for your ex to want to come back?
9 months sounds about right for someone to want to come back home, He's done running and he wants to come back but it wouldn't be the same . No trust will be there and too many heart aches . to get over some one takes in my experience about a year keep doing what your doing and let him lay in his bed he made. good luck and look forward to someone who will love and Cherish you.
If he left you to be with another person then on principal if you have respect for yourself you would not take him back.

You cannot just throw a good person to the curb to later appreciate how good they were to you. If you were to take this person back then believe it or not he would be in a position of power over you.
He is missing you because now he is alone. You need to tell him when he tells you all the BS that he decided to end the marriage and run off with someone else. Just go on with your life, you will be much happier in the long run. When men get older they don't want to be alone especially if they were married, they are use to being taken care of.
mine took 20 years to come back - he's really slow - but, thats okay - we are married now.....

I knew he would regret every minute he was away from me....

All I can say is --- it was HIS loss...

The best revenge for a guy that left you - is to move on and be happy - and let him see you happy without him!! thats the best way to get him come crying back to you... guys like a confident girl that can move on!
well it can take a week or years for them to realize maybe the grass wasnt greener. for me, if you toss my *** away, then its gone forever no matter how much beggin and ';changing'; you want to do. its pure selfishness and immaturity for the spouse who tries to weasle their way back. you made your bed, now lay in it
12 years of saying NO to her, and I raised the kids, they are college grads, and they still love their MOM, and I wouldn't change that at all!!
his ';new'; girlfriend probably dumped him - so now he's crawling back hoping to reconcile -

kick him in the b**ls
it really depends if he wants you back.
He's a cheater.....forget him.
Usually when a man leaves a woman after almost 7 years, it is because he is bored. He probably did not realize that he was just looking for something different. Now that problem occurs in a lot of relationships. The most healthy way to deal with it is probably through seekings out independent activities, not by leaving your spouse. He made a mistake and I think you need to decide if he is worth taking back. If you want to forget him then it probably means you don't want him back. I wish you the best and hope things get better.
I think you should just live your life the way you want. At times single life is much fun. Experience the single life, Have fun. With time, you will get over your ex. I think if he can dump you after 6 and half years then he can dump you anytime in future.So even if he ever wants to come back..ur answer should be NO! Time is the best medicine believe me. It just gets better with time. You give time for urself now. Just cut off any talks, any msgs, anything with ur ex. It will help you to get over quickly.Dont entertain him anymore.Keep urself busy with stuff,reading books, movies, going out with frnds meeting new ppl.Anything that you like. He was just not worth since he could leave after such a long relationship. So just have a nice time being single :) and wait for the right person! Good Luck
I think it depends on the person them self not who he is with

but as you said he was married before now he has run off with his coworker safe to say that he's not coming back and you my dear should get on with your life.Get out there and start dating get married do some thing that trains gone. But in all honesty I may add I'm still waiting for my husband to hit home so there you go Nov. of this year will be 2 yr.s since he left town.But I do hear from him time to time just because he knows or making sure I'm not cheating I guess you can say they are like dogs with a few bones they don't want it but don't try to take his bone away. GOOD LUCK!
the grass always appears to be greener on the other side. the fact is most start missing you when they run out of things to keep them busy. friends and family grow tired of trying to keep their mind occupied. or the fact, the person that they thought would be perfect is just as b@#chy and naggy as you are or has some defect in their character. or that they don't compare to you in any way. but this guy left you for someone, there should be any wonder about what he is doing. don't let him bring you down again.
i do understand the concept of breaking up and getting back together. but in your situation why would you want to get back with someone who clearly dumped you and didn't care about your feelings ...... Remember we are humans and we have our memories for a reason!!! They are wonderful.... Knowing this, you will never forget the man you were once in love with BUT then left you for another women.... Everything in life is a lesson, and when something ends then there is always something else that is waiting to be discovered! He was only a stepping stone for you to ';learn'; something and be a better person for the next man you fall in love with.... If you aren't ready to date then just do things to make yourself feel better.... Best of luck to you!!!!! (And please don't take him back- it will only ruin your self-esteem/worth) you are better then that and DONT deserve it =)
When 2 people first break up, they are both the good guy and the other one deserved to be dumped. We tend to let that anger marinate and count the ways we hate them. And of course the many times we SHOULD have dumped them before... Then a couple of months go by and suddenly the offense wasn't that big, and maybe we over reacted. After a year or so, the break up is a faded memory, and we can think of the nice things about them. Or the sweet nothings that got us to this point to begin with. I sometimes regret taking back my hubby after an indiscretion. I can't seem to let down my walls. Just look before you leap, you probably would regret taking him back. I do like 50% of the time.

I speak from personal experience. That, and a psychologist told me. Relax, he was my professor. Really.

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