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What does it mean if your ex ask's you out to the movies?

After getting into arguments my ex and I ended things about 3 weeks ago. He broke it off with me. I was really hurt about it because I loved him. I still do love him... He told me he just wanted to be friends... We attend the same college and I ran into him in the hall yesterday. He started talking to me on msn messenger, telling me how it was so good to see me yesterday and how he was thinking that we should go to the movies like we had planned to just before our big argument... I don't know if he just wants to be friends? Or if he misses me?

I am confused because I decided to take my friends advice and start going out on dates with new guys. I've been hanging out with a new guy who is great! The only problem is I still miss my ex, even though I had a lot of heart ache in the relationship... I don't know what to do.What does it mean if your ex ask's you out to the movies?
how long where youse togeather? and yes he misses you alot by the sounds of itWhat does it mean if your ex ask's you out to the movies?
He probably thought that you didn't like him or was avoiding him, even if you weren't, which could have escalated into the arguing that ended it in the first place. Bad communication is part of life, and causes a lot of unhappy endings, as it's occaisionally easier than truth. If this is the case, then you should probably ask him if that's what happened, and go from there.
he defiantly wants you back

BUT u2 have tried it before

what i would do is go to the movies but dont let him do anything... just be friends with him and if the new guy doesn't work THEN give ur ex another chance. if he's serious about you he will wait a relatively good amount of time
i think he want to try things out again. other wise he wouldnt had ask u to go to the movies. you have two options ur ex or the new guy but if u still have feelings for ur ex dont go out with the other guy cuz then u might break up with him cuz u still got feelings for ur ex.
Your ex is most likely missing you. He may just be jealous of the other guys you are dating. Considering the heart you have already experienced with your ex, I think you should leave him in the past and start fresh with the guy you are seeing now.
Now you have the best judgment among them you have the right to choose...about your ex you know him well than the new one you can compare them you can also consider on their actions when you are going out for a date.
stick with the new great guy - ur ex broke ur heart - u don't need him to do it again, cuz he most likely will. My ex and I had arguments before, but we never broke up because that, in fact ours is just a complicated story for another time.
look i know it hurts to let your boyfriend go cause the same happened to me.

I think that you should go to the movies with him cause he might still like you and wants to see if thing would work out.

I hope everything works out!!! :)
will he could of ask you to the movies as friends and nothing more .

if you like, go to the movies with him as friends .

control your feeling for him .

remember that he onces broke your heart .
They really miss you and they want to get back together with you!

if you dont want to go just be like, i didnt work out the first time and i think we really need to move on..

good luck!

lov ya
Keep the new guy who is great and skip the movies with the ex.
don't read to much into it it could be nothin but then again it could be just letit happen and what happens will happen
Make your ex regret breaking up with you. Tell him he missed his chance and eventely he will try really hard to get you back and you will be back together
Ask your ex if he wants to go to the movies as just friends or as a date and that will clear everything up
he broke it off with you. he either is sorry genuinely, or trying to make someone else jealous. just keep it at friends and see where it goes.
just go to the movies

and if he tries anything just say your talkin so someone else

he'll feel the same way when he broke up with you...

act like you dont want him.... but slowly hang out and see if it works again
He wants to be friends.
It doesn't mean nothing.
they want to go back out with you or trying to make someone else jelous
he is still in love w/ u
Honey, he made a mistake and now he realizes it. He might want to get back together or then again he might want to just patch things up with you. Its all up to you whether or not you actually want to get back together with him. Just be wary and keep your guard up. But first think about this new guy. Does he want it to be serious? Weigh the pros and cons of both guys before you make a decision and stick to it. But most importantly, and this is going to sound corny, but listen to your heart.

Good luck making your choice and I truly hope I helped.

I am going through the same thing.But my ex isn't trying to take me out to the movies.But if you really miss him and truly LOVE him,and if its the same thing for him. I would give a second chance. Cause really cause the break up?Cause I think there is more to the picture then just the arguing. Because me and my ex broke up because I was getting tired of him calling me and coming over to my house asking me questions about things he knew I would never do.But there were people coming to him telling him that they saw me doing things when I wasn't.And they only reason why they did is because they think I shouldn't be with him and they would ask him how did you get that girl?Because I have been trying to get with her longer then you have. So now they were jealous that he had me and they didn't.So if the fire is still burning between you two I would get back with him.

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