Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What would you do if your ex husband was trying to get your 18 year old daughter to move in with her 20 year?

old boyfriend so she can be emancipated. He has an old trailer he said they could move into. i know she is 18 and I cant stop her but It makes me mad that he would incourage this and even condone it. She knows how I feel but when you have her Father telling her its ok. He will do anything to stop paying child support. What a man!What would you do if your ex husband was trying to get your 18 year old daughter to move in with her 20 year?
She's 18. Legally, she's already too old to be declared a dependent. He shouldn't have to pay anymore child support now. It shouldn't make any difference to your ex-husband where she lives.What would you do if your ex husband was trying to get your 18 year old daughter to move in with her 20 year?
Suck it up. Or give up the child support. Does the child support matter more to you or your child? Seems he is not the only one thinking about money in this situation.
Er....child support stops at 18. She is emancipated...she is an adult. In case you failed to notice.
Well, she's 18, and technically an adult, so you can't tell her no. What does the divorce decree say? My husband's said he didn't have to pay anymore after the kids turned 18, no matter where they were living.

If he is supposed to pay as long as she is living at home and up to a later age, I guess I would sit down with her and have a heart to heart. If she doesn't already know why her dad is ';on her side';, tell her. Let her know that if he's no longer paying support, you will no longer have the money to help her out with anything, and that if she needs financial help, she's going to have to go to her dad for it.

If her dad is anything like my dad was, she won't get a red cent from him. My dad was the same way. I was at college when I turned 18. He was sending me $100 a month, and only because he had to. The month after my 18th birthday, no more money. I found out later that he was supposed to be sending $400; this was in the years before they were garnishing wages for child support. He told my mom that he was sending me the full $400, but keeping the difference. My mom trusted him because she didn't think he would do that to his own daughter.

Then my little brother moved in with me when he was 17. My dad told my mom he was sending the money to me to take care of him, but I don't remember getting anything. He's a horrible man!
Why is he paying child support at 18?

You can only be emancipated if your 14-17.
A father can still be paying for childsupport if she is pursing college. I don't see what's the problem here? She is considered an adult, let her be.

I know you'll miss that money, get over's gone now!
I think all you can do is sit her down at lunch and talk to her as an adult. Tell her how you feel and why. Don't raise your voice or get man. In the end, accept her decision even you don't like it and support her as any good mother would. Sometimes we have to watch our kids make mistakes and learn the hard way and it can be tough...Good luck!
She doesn't need to be emancipated at 18. She's an adult. Is she still a full-time student? Then he still needs to pay support. If she's not, he only needs to be paying off owed support.
Kick him in his jewels!
Was he ordered to pay until she graduated college? Most support should have stopped at 18 unless ordered till she graduates high school. If he is interfering with this I would bring this to the attention of the family court.
He's a POS. 18 is only legally an adult.

Not mentally, emotionally or even physically.

Tell him to be a man and quit being such a little pu**y over the child support thing.He should be trying to get her to go to college. Not shipping her to some dudes trailor.
There is nothing either of you can do she is 18 and if she wants to move in with him she is going to and if she dont want to then she wont. Her father cant make her. If she moves in with him thats her doing not her fathers... You raised her and you just need to have faith in her i promise you she wont let you down..
Umm... shes 18... wtf should he be paying child support for? Say goodbye to your paycheck.
is she still in school that he is still paying support? if she is hell bent on doing it there is nothing you can do to stop her if you told her how u feel that is all u can do,except for when she ends up crying the blues in a few years send her down the road to DADDY!hope he can afford her and maybe the children she might have.
like you said she is 18 and child support checks will stop coming wheather she is out of the house or not!!!! I would encourage her as well.... grow up and live a little you obviously need financial help to maintain her so let her maintain herself now that she is legally an adult!!!!!
Are you upset because you don't want her living with a guy that she's not married to this young, or over the money? Everyone is assuming the $$, while I assumed you were upset over her moving in with a guy at such a young age. If he still owes his child support, or she is still in school, he needs to get over it and pay it. What kind of father wants his daughter moving into a trailer with some 20 yr old guy. You're right...he's messed up in the head.

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