Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you get over your ex, and stop being ';in love with'; him, even after he treats me like dog s***?

I still love him for many reasons, maybe being that he was my first love ever which is always the hardest to get over. Maybe because he was the first person I did anything sexual with, or maybe because when I was with him he always made me nothing but happy.

He cheated on me and then blamed it on me. He said the only reason he was with me was for ';financial reasons.'; After I was attacked and robbed, he saw me covered in blood from head-to-toe at the gas station, but abandoned me and went home because he ';had to work tomorrow.';

Why do i still love him when he obviously could care less about me? How do I ';move on'; and stop thinking about him 24/7

I was beaten up (jumped) by 4 teens.

My ex later invited some of them into his home to smoke weed, and then had sex with one of them too.

My ex is bipolar-1, but that's NOT an excuse.How do you get over your ex, and stop being ';in love with'; him, even after he treats me like dog s***?
He's your ex for a reason and leave it at that. Kudos to you for leaving that a$$wipe. Every human has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. He's not beating down the door asking for forgiveness, is he? And even if he would, it's just a mask to use you again. Don't fall for it. Get out there and find another more deserving person for your affections. This guy is the lowest of the low. And a cheater will only bring home some nasty disease. Protect yourself and your health. Now pick up your boot straps and soldier on. Just my thoughts.How do you get over your ex, and stop being ';in love with'; him, even after he treats me like dog s***?
Wow that's really messed up. I understand how hard it is to get over you first love but you can't really keep this guy around. You deserve somebody that's going to support you. Especially in times like that when you need it the most.

You move on by getting back on the dating scene and meeting new people. Hang out wit some friends or do stuff that's going to distract you from him
just find someone else. i know my ex still likes me ALOT, not like i treated her bad or anything, just bcuz i m sexy beast. lol but u should just find someone else, and when your brain is wanting to go back with him, hit yourself with a newspaper and go THAS A BAD MEESTA BRAIN. BAD!
If he treats you like crap then move on. You deserve much better. Your first love isn't always your best love. Have some self confidence!

good luck!
I think you should go back to him. Not because he may love you deep down inside or that you two are meant for each other but because you seem to need to be reminded of your place. This guy seems like the man to do it. From what you've said, he seems like a dominant, well put together man that knows how to discipline a woman. And props to him for sleeping with the chick that jumped you. Extra props if shes still a teen. Basically, women crave structured, abusive relationships and this guys seems to be able to give you what you need.
This is going to be harsh but:

You need to grow some balls. Do you like being treated like a doormat, cause let me tell you, it is a very hard trait to get rid of once identified.

You constantly think about him? When you do, I want you to constantly think of all the bad sh!t he's done to you. And put this in your head: The good NEVER outweighs the bad, not in this case it doesn't.

Get over him and move on or your life will be an endless stream of your ex.
How do I get over my ex after he treats you like dog s**t? My ex doesn't even know you. Though,if he did treat someone else,undeservingly,like dog s**t,I would have a serious talk with him,since he's really such nice guy. He would only treat you or anyone else like dog s**t if he was in such a horribly bad place that he would need to be in therapy and on medication.

OK,sorry,I couldn't help but be a bit of a smart a** here. No harm meant.

I'm sorry for your suffering,but this guy you dated sounds like a real a** and doesn't deserve you. If you still love him,then you're pretty messed up and should probably get yourself into some kind of therapy. This cycle is just going to keep going and you're never going to be free.

You need to get as far away from him as you can afford. You need to find something you're interested in to take your mind off of him and,maybe,through that,you will gain some self-confidence.

Please,whatever you do,,ignore Pappy. He is a sick,sick,sick person that should be kicked off of Yahoo answers. I already reported him. His remark could really badly damage someone,even get them killed if they were to listen to him. He doesn't realize that there are young people who don't have it together,or older people who are suffering and a remark like this could make them feel worse about themselves.

Remember,you deserve a person who loves,and respects you and never,ever,EVER hits you or tries to control you in anyway.
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