Friday, August 20, 2010

Taurus women ..lets be logical?

ok so everytime someone posts a question asking how to get an ex back. You always get a stupid astrological response. That's not even completely accurate. So let's be logical......

If you have ended a relationship with a taurus badly? .....(* everyone knows no one ever cuts complete ties with your ex.... even if its just one time you spoke after the break up .... that was your first chance and. If you didn't make a good impression that blew it*) .... so back to miss taurus

Wouldn't it be logical ,while you are seperated to put your best foot forward and make a change in yourself for the better ...specifically something that miss taurus looked down upon during the relationship??? ... that would be a way to get a taurus back... my opinion.... but what's yours on this theory?? Please share. :)Taurus women ..lets be logical?
Give her a chocolate fondue set and she'll love you forever =DTaurus women ..lets be logical?
why is this for taurus women?? and i dont get your question

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