Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Girls, i want to know, is it harder for yall than guys to get over your ex's?

Ok, i seem to always run into this problem and i dont know if its a natural difference between guys and girls or what. Seems like just about every girl i meet is never over their ex's. Even during the relationship i have with the girl she still has feelings for her ex, i always can tell and i tell them i know and im always right. Even when im single and i meet other single girls i have the problem. Once i tell them how i feel about them, they bring up the confession that they are not ready for a relationship and they still arnt over thier ex's. And its even been a year since they left their ex and they still act like this. How do you get a girl to get over her ex and move on? Seems like us guys are able to do it with ease. Is it different for girls? What does it take?Girls, i want to know, is it harder for yall than guys to get over your ex's?
I guess it depends on how long they were together and how important he was to the girl. For me, my ';first love'; wasn't really love, but it still took me a while to get over him. He was my first real boyfriend. I was only with him 2 months. My next boyfriend I was with for 2 months also...but I didn't even really like him so I was over him in no time at all. Now with the guy I have now...I'll never get over him. Hopefully it's because we are together forever. But also because we've been together for almost 3 years and he is so much a part of me I don't know if I'd ever fully get over him. So, again. It depends on the length and meaning of the relationship. Good luck!

PS....Girls like to talk and complain. Trust me. I'm a girl and I do it. So, that could be another reason girls talk about their ex's and stuff. That could be why we do a lot of things confusing to men. LoL.Girls, i want to know, is it harder for yall than guys to get over your ex's?
I don't know about other girls but I never had that problem. If my relationship failed and the boy or man became my ex, that's just what he stays. I don't believe in dwelling on something or someone who was part of my past when I'm trying to move forward to the future
What it takes is to find another guy she's crazy in love with!
Kindof.... but I'm just like Tomorrow's a new day, I'm thankful for the great things in my life, and push past the bad things.
Some girls don't give themselves enough time, they seem to think that if they jump into another relationship that it will help them get over x,s , I know i,ve done it myself
It takes me a long time to get over a guy. Depending on who it is, it could take 2 to 3 years.

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