Friday, August 20, 2010

How can get my ex girlfriend back even she has fallen in love with somebody else and i tried and promised?

I tried and promissed allmost everything in the past to her and got a lot of chances from her but i messed them up, and now i miss her so badly but she told me had fallen in love with somebody else, right at the first sight,ad he is her dreammate, what do you think will there be chance for me in the future to get her back, i even asked her to mary me on our last meeting , she told me she just returned from an other man, and shes gotta do to hurt me even more by telling ,me so, what is your suggestion, even if i know that i am maybe foolish but i miss her so badly and would do anything to proove my honesty to her and get her back , makes it sense to stay in contact with her somehow and wait maybe she changes her mind, or shall i let it go and never make a try, what try could i proove that i truly love i appreciate your answers , i know i act like a fool but i dont what to do i made up my mind too late but i know now she is the only woman of my life, but she turned her back oHow can get my ex girlfriend back even she has fallen in love with somebody else and i tried and promised?
there are no rules in relationships except those we set for ourselves,,your ex decided after many disappointments from you,that enough was enough so you cannot argue the fact she has every right to try dating different people,,you had your shot(s) and as you say,,blew all of them,,this to me would seem you didnt care enough about her when you had her,,suddenly deciding now that she is the one is all fine and dandy but why should she not date another man,,one who hasnt yet hurt her and may never hurt her,,doesnt she deserve some happiness and stability rather than uncertainty from you and your behaviour,,sit back,wish her well and make it clear you will wait,,,,,you may be waiting a long time but during that time i would suggest trying to be a man,,a grown-up,,one who knows what he wants and sticks to it,,she may give you another chance if she can see how you have changed but this you must do for you ,not her,,,someday there may be another woman and unless you grow up you will have this problem all over again.How can get my ex girlfriend back even she has fallen in love with somebody else and i tried and promised?
Move on and learn from your mistakes. Stop beating a dead horse.
wow. well, if she really has a boyfriend. but she might be lying to you just to get rid of you. i'd say just ask her you guys could be friends and keep in contact.
May be never; and I am sorry to say that.
You got a lot of chances and messed them up. What's she supposed to think? She's tired of the empty promises.

You had better learn from this. I say leave her alone and move on.
Move on. She gone count your loses and forget about. learn from your mistakes though
why do u hurt her so much? get over her n let her be carried by the wind n c other guys who wud less likely mess with her!
It wouldn't be right for me to answer that .....because you may end up in Leavenworth.
I think you should leave well enough alone and hope that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Remember whats meant for you wont pass you by. may take some time but if your constantly in the fold then she may get ticked off. good luck!

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