Friday, August 20, 2010

Guy needs your help!!! how often to call ex gf even thou she calls me?

my ex gf broke up with me about a month ago. I begged her back knowing it was not the right thing to do bec no one wants a needey person i dont think. well itry not to call her but sometimes its hard not to. its not that im a bad person its i just realy love her and want to get back, what we use to have. she tells me there is not going to be an us but then she will call wanting me to do something for her. i do it bec i love her but its geting me no were. At the same time i feel bad if i dont and she will think, i dont care and mabe give up on us if she has noit already. She is kinda giving me mixed signals. Or im just so in love with her that i think, there is a chance. i dont k,now how often to call or should i?should i awnser every time she call? if i dont do i make something up? i just want a girl that has broke up with a guy and she still cared for him what they would like. i might have been a little up her a## to much before we broke up. just want a girl to giv me some ideas?Guy needs your help!!! how often to call ex gf even thou she calls me?
.Think you should move on.She knows she's got you hooked.By contacting you,for little favors.By all means return her calls but don't be so anxious to please's a two way street

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