Friday, August 20, 2010

Ex-boyfriend - open condom wrapper?

So me and my ex-boyfriend are still friends. At first, it was hard because I'd have lots of jealous feelings, but now I feel as if I'm getting over it. Meeting a cool guy since then has helped.

But I go over there this weekend to hang out with him and his family and I see an open condom wrapper in his trash can. I wasn't snooping - it was laying right there in the open.

Now I could remember when this would've devastated me, but it didn't this time. Granted, I WAS a little hurt, but the feelings weren't as strong as I thought they'd be.

Is this a sign I'm finally beginning to move on? It's been really hard for me to do so since we‘ve remained friends.

Also, I wonder if he had left it there on purpose? Don't you think if an ex of yours was coming over, you would at least try to not have it out there in the open? Not even b/c of your ex, but because of other ppl there too? I know I'd hide the wrapper if he came over to my place out of respect to him and my other guests.

It seems as if he’s had a few bouts of jealousy lately with me too. My phone rang at about two in the morning (the new guy) and I remember him saying, “How cute.”

He also made a comment about me and his brother. All we were doing was standing outside together - nothing else. He told my friend it looked like we “needed some alone time.”

Seemed like he got annoyed when I’d answer my text messages too. I can’t blame him for this because I’d get annoyed when he’d answer his texts in front of me too, but he’d do it for hours on end. All I did was answer a few of them.

He’s also been asking me lots of questions about other people’s relationships.Ex-boyfriend - open condom wrapper?
To me hes trying to make you jealous and wind you up, he probably didnt even have sex he probably just wasted the condom to get the wrapper to look like he did, but to be honest staying friends with someone when you split up isnt always a good idea because someone will have stronger feelings that the other person and then when new people come on the scene thats when it gets difficult. Take my advice!! im not saying totally turn your back on your ex but try and cut down the time with him, would your new boyfriend be happy with you staying over at his house????Ex-boyfriend - open condom wrapper?
your ex-bf is a freak
yeah sounds like hes now jealous to but i dont fink ur over him yet the condom wrapper could of been from him having a posh w**k whilst thinking bout you HeHe.

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