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How good is your VET? Ex-Convicts to Waiting Rooms?

Hi ived tried so many vets even ';chic'; ones in Beverly Hills. Yet everyone i went to made me wait 1+hours in the waiting room (with an appointment), or had ex convicts handling the dogs (because no one else wanted to get accidentally bitten).

Anyone else noticed the ex convicts, or super long waiting rooms. is this normal at the VET?How good is your VET? Ex-Convicts to Waiting Rooms?
~ I'm in Florida and have never had this problem. I have lived in many other states and have not had this problem. Maybe it is just the area you are in....Beverly Hills? :o)How good is your VET? Ex-Convicts to Waiting Rooms?
Not normal near me at all or at any vet I've used when I lived other places. I haven't ever had to wait long when I had an appointment, except once when my orthopedics vet was in surgery and ran into some complications that made it a much longer procedure than it should have been, and even then the staff kept me updated on how long it would be and why, offered something to drink, and offered to let my dog hang out at the front desk with them if I wanted to go run an errand and come back. I also know all the staff at both my regular vet and orthopedics vet, none are ex-convicts to my knowledge, and the people handling the animals are either certified vet techs or are vet assistants with a lot of skill. It sounds like you've had some pretty bad luck with vets offices. I'd ask people at the dog park, grooming business, friends with dogs, etc who they use and if they would recommend them. You'll have a better chance of finding someone good if you use vets that are recommended to you.
Well, waiting times CAN be long, since it's impossible to know exactly how long a visit is going to take and sometimes the vet just ends up taking longer than they expected to get through the day. I have this problem in grooming too, you try to book the right amount of dogs so that you'll have a full day and get everyone done on time, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.

Never run into the ex-convict thing, though.
I went to a vet that was so bad there were other dogs in the exam room. I waited three hours with a nine-week-old puppy for a shot, then when I went into the exam room, there were crates with other peoples dogs recovering from who knows what, then those dogs started barking and that scared my puppy. To make matters worse, the vet couldn't pay attention to my puppy because he was trying to take care of three other people........ Needless to say this man isn't my vet, but ironically people highly reccommend him.
No, absolutely not! The veterinarian I work for makes sure NOBODY has to spend too much time in her waiting room, and if for some reason we can't get to the patient right away, we make sure the client is aware of the situation (perhaps there's an emergency that takes precedence over a vaccination appointment or something) and we give them the option to reschedule, leave the dog for a while, or continue to wait.
I actually have a very good vet. You never have to wait longer than 15 minutes(and thats the longest). She is the only vet working there, the rest are vet techs interning.

The only drawback is that sometimes you can't get an appt. for a week or so and getting your dog spayed there is almost an impossibility(we've had our appt for a spay since May for July 18, and thats the first one they had avalilble. I think it's because she has like over 1,000 clients because she's one of the only good vets in our city.
I live in a small rural area.. so I dont normally have to wait more than 10-15 mins for my appt. Sometimes if I show up a few mins early, the vet will even sometimes see me before the scheduled appt time.

I havent noticed any ex-convicts.. how would you know they are ex-cons anyways? One of the vets in my area is family-run.. its the vet's grown daughters who are helping handle the animals.
I've never had to wait at the vet I go to, but I live in a small rural area. I see nothing wrong with hiring '; x-con's'; to work in clinics, they are animal lovers too. I doubt very much that anyone convicted of animal abuse would be hired in a vet clinic along with anyone who had issues with the public(rapist, pervs..) They did their time, and just trying to make a living at what they love..
I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for my vet. I have been in there when an emergency came in and I WANTED her to take them ahead of me.

My old vet would keep us waiting for close to an hour. One of the reasons I changed.

Emergencies are perfectly acceptible. We'd want our vet to see our dogs if there was an emergency. However, waiting that long means lack of planning, overbooking or not being considerate of your time. I'd find a vet that isn't rude. That pattern of waiting is just plain rude.
The only waiting time I have ever had to do was paperwork. My Vets pretty good about scheduling people at decent times. Yeah there might be a 5min lag here and there, but its never anything major. And i've never had any ';Ex-cons'; handle my dog. I try to do all the handling except for the vet unless they are being dropped off for surgery
Uhm, maybe that's a California thing. Out here on the EAST coast (hehe) that's not the case. I've never waited longer than ten minutes in my vet's office and the secretaries and the ladies that come get my dog are very nice. Do you not get to go with your dog when he's taken back? I always go with my dogs.
The most I've had to wait is about 20 minutes.

I honestly could care less if someone working there was an ex-convict...not sure why this should be a problem. Should people that do prison time not be allowed to get jobs after they've served their time? I'm personally not that judgmental!
Um, no. And unless the ';ex-convicts'; have told you that, how do you know they are ex-convicts? And why do you care?

Maybe it's time to find a new vet. Or move.
Don't you have to wait to see your doctor? Ex-convicts need jobs....and I am sure it is hard for them to find work. I would think working with animals would be good for them....animals don't judge.
We go to a personal vet! Its called Animal Vets

We make appointments

We only have to wait bout 5 minutes
I have never had to wait at the Vets office more than 10 to 15 minutes, if that long. I have been using the same Vet for over 30 years.
not mine! i never wait more than a couple minutes. and all they employ is licensed techs or vet med students.

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