Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you get back at your ex?

he's seriously an a** hole. i cant even begin to tell you the things i did for him and the stuff he's done to me.I want to help karma along a little because it seams to have forgotten him. he has a year of jail over his head. I dont want to do anything with his friends, because well honestly he dosnt have any. any one have any ideas?!How do you get back at your ex?
Really you shouldnt bother your wasting your life still concentrating on him you should just meet someone else and get on with your own life he isnt worth the time besides revenge just leads to him getting you back and it starts a chain of hatred. If you really want to be that immature and get revenge and sink to his level good luck but your pathetic and as bad as he is if you do.

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