Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is it okay to date your Ex's best friend?

Three years ago I dated this guy and when we broke up I was devastated only because he broke up with me over the internet and told me that the reason why was because that he still had feelings for his ex who had left him in the first place. About almost to a couple of months later he comes back into my life, wanting to get back together. He even came to my graduation UNINVITED. At the time I was still in high school and was graduating. Any who, after my graduation ended, he kept on coming back and still being upset, I ignored all of his attempts. And when he finally saw that I was with someone else, he finally caved in and gave up. A couple of months later, I found out also on the internet, from one of his best friends that he had gotten married.

And now three years have passed ever since that day and I've bumped into also another best friend of his (my ex's) and all we did was talk.

At first all I wanted was to just tell him, my ex, of hurt I was and how I hate him for what he did to me. I didn't expect to pull Jake (his best friend) into the situation but, I needed his help for it all finally came crashing down onto me. It finally hit me that I hate him and that I hate him for what he did to me and now he's all happy with another person while, I've been grieving for these past three years over him. Yeah I was talking and even got engaged to this guy but after taking a closer look at how things were turning out, I realized that I wasn't even over my ex yet.

Jake was there when I had cried on the phone about Lang (my ex).

He even told some of the things that I didn't even know about what had happened when Lang and I were separated (We both lived like about 2-3 hours away from each other for Lang was from Fresno and I was from here, in Sacramento).

I thought I would never get over it, I thought I would never even get over him but as time passed, and only 4 months have; Jake and I have decided to stay in touch.

We've been talking for about almost 4 months now-on and off-

I know personally that he's into me and that he likes me; even my own little sister and my cousins know about it.

Jake, he, he's very sweet and funny to be with for he even offered to take me out when I was trying to

figure out what I was going to do about Lang.

I've decided that now that I'm 20 years old and that I'm an adult that I should just move on and forget about Lang for it just wasn't meant to be.

When Jake and I were talking, he wanted to help me get over Lang for I was so depressed.

He told me everything about what had happened and that Lang did have feelings for me.

Jake and I argued about who was at fault and he stupidly blamed himself but he was wrong, as much as I had to admit it, it was Lang's all along for he was the one who had broken up with me in the first place.

And after the endless tears, I've finally moved on and have decided to repair myself first before jumping into any relationships.

But then there's Jake.

He's very supportive, he's funny, a big NERD, and well, just plain out sweet.

I just don't know if it's okay if I ever dated him. I mean, yeah Lang is married now and he shouldn't care about what I do right?

I mean, I guess I do kind of see myself with Jake and all but my cousins and even my sister is saying that it's weird....

I personally asked one of my bff's to get her perspective on this and she said that it was okay and that it wasn't weird.

But I still don't know....any suggestions out there anyone?Is it okay to date your Ex's best friend?
nope. its horrible. and if u do, karma will catch up to u. and u might feel bad if your ex lays the beat down on his best friend.Is it okay to date your Ex's best friend?

All I can say is, if you REALLY love this guy, go for him.

there is no boundary when it comes to love.

if you don't love him, forget it.

and the girl is married already!

she TOTALLY wouldn't care.

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