Friday, August 20, 2010

What would you do about your ex if you were me? how would u get him back?

do you think me and my ex would ever be 2gether?

me and him was 2gether for 3.5 years and it was ok not perfect and not bad. i know he loves me and i love him 4 sure.

and about a month ago he said that he dont want to be 2gether cuz he tired of things that i do liek nag him all the time and ***** about things.

he still talks to me ont he phone and i've seen him 2 days ago and when we was walking my shirt was up a lil and my skin was shown and he said pull down your shirt. when i look at him i can see in his eyes that he miss me and loves me, but y didnt he just say that he wants to seperate for a while.

and he told me that he has another gurl and i ask so much about her that he start to tell me dont worry about it why does it matta and its not important.

people i know and my friends tell me that he lies to you so you can leave him alone and not bother him.

i want to do that but i wish i knew if he will coem back. i know he loves me and cares he even told me that. after a break up.

i told him that i understand that i was wrong and that i will try my best not to nag and ***** and he said ok and i said i just want to be ur friend now.

then when i seen him i started to ask about his new gf and nag him i asked him to show my his gf. pic in his phone he said he will and now he says no he wont cuz he dont want me to be mad and nag about her. i don t really believe that he has another gf. and he said that i say 1 thing and do the other so what i say aboutme change is bull.

so it tells me that he want me to change and then we can be 2gether? what you guys think.

i will do that i will change to be with him, cuz i know we love each other and we will be happy 2gether.What would you do about your ex if you were me? how would u get him back?
Very complex question.

Sounds like you guys just need to be alone together away from a door or a phone so he cant walk away or call anybody or have anybody call him or you.

Ask him exactly how he feels about you and you cant interrupt him and then when he's done, tell him exactly how you feel about him and he cant interrupt you.

Then you guys need to talk about what you have together and where you guys stand as a couple.

If he wants to see someone else, talk about why he wants to and if you can still be together.

:)What would you do about your ex if you were me? how would u get him back?
SORRY! TI DON'T think he will come back.He DOESN'T LIKE your nagging.He has probably moved on.That's what you should do!
It's over and he just doesn't have the balls to break it off cleanly with you.

It sounds like you are better off without him, I know the loneliness is hard but you will move on when the time is right.

Don't change to be with him. That never works.
Forget about him and take some English classes for!
Ask not how he can change for you, but how you can change for him. Like, try not to complain and jump on top of things so much. Don't nag and ***** all the time and let things go.
Guys aren't really worth all the trouble of changing who you are. If he truly loves you, then you wouldn't have to nag. He'd be happy to do whatever makes you happy. It shouldn't be a big chore for either of you.
If he has a girlfriend, he does not love you. This is all you wanting him back as he said he wants to be your friend.
Why would you want the jerk back?
Hmm ya...seems like he is trying to change your behavior. Let him come to you. Don't beg him to be with you and don't change who you are for him either.

Nagging is it? Well did you have a reason or were you just being a nag...if you had a reason it isn't nagging.
he finds fault with u because he has someone else, its an excuse they give u when they want someone else, most likely it has nothing to do with anything u did, or didn't do, he is just stringing u along, so if she dumps him he will still have some where to go, but if he loved u he would never have left to be with her. its really all about them, not u or what u may have done. just an excuse so he will not have to be accountable or have to take any of the blame for his own choices or actions. personally u need to distance yourself from this cheater, and move on, find someone who doesn't cheat or find fault with u. he just don't love u like u love him, or think he loves u.
No. He wanted to break up. If you try to ';change'; you'll only be acting fake, not the real you. That never works.
If he were so in love with you, he would have never left, and he wouldn't be bangin' some other chic while your on here asking how to get him back.
I think you need to let him be w/ his ';girlfriend';
Ok. We have all been in this spot at one point or another. Honey the best thing you can do is fall in love with yourself. Change your hair or go shopping for a new look and new you. Find a hobby. Get some girl time in with friends. The best thing you can do is act like you are over him. Show confidence in yourself and he will be thinking your over him. Maybe the shoe will be on the other foot and he will start calling you and asking questions. Create suspense. If it doesn't work at least you will have a new look for your new life and maybe latch onto a new man. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

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