Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to you get past your ex having a new girlfriend and he is ignoring his own kids?

My ex and i were divorced in Jan. He found a girlfriend in April in a bar. They do everything together now like one big happy family, except my ex makes no special time for only his OWN kids. He bought better,more expensive xmas presents for her kids, than his own children. How can you explain this to him that he needs to spend time with his own kids and not involve the girlfriend and her kids ALL THE TIME?! Right now, he is in Canada with the girlfriend on a 4 day trip to watch her child at a hockey game.(Her ex has the child with him) My Ex didnt even invite his own children to go because he was more interested in having a romantic getaway than showing his kids Canada. Bottom line......... how can you make the ex see what he is doing to his kids???How to you get past your ex having a new girlfriend and he is ignoring his own kids?
I don't know about the new gf, getting past it and all, but finding someone of your own could do a lot for you and your children. As for him ignoring his own children, that would be pretty hard to sit back and watch. One thing I would recommend is not to make excuses for him, if one of the kids says why hasn't Dad done this or came by or whatever, then pick up the phone and dial his number and let him tell them, but listen in on another receiver, just in case he is mean or rude. The very next time you get a chance, tell the ex that his kids need him too. I wish I could tell you more! Good luck.How to you get past your ex having a new girlfriend and he is ignoring his own kids?
what are you waiting for? file for child support and sit back and watch the results
My girls were young when I got divorced and grew up without a father when they got older they wanted to get to know him. So with the help of a teacher from school. they found out the hard way that there father was a drunk. The best thing for you to do is support your kids and let them know that you love them and their father does to he is just. He is just dealing with the divorce in a different way. you should also try to talk to your ex when the kids are not around. If nothing seem to help. (your ex will soon find out that he missed out on some very important things in his children's life that he cant get back just because he is thinking with the wrong HEAD..
if hes not taking care of his kids ,that new girl of his wont last. hes got her to piss u off. and she probably taking care of him. sorry to say ur bd is no good. detach yourself and children from him untill hes ready to be a real man. if hes a man he would make some change. if not forget him untill u notice ur children needing him. or just let him see the kids when ur ready.on ur time. stay away. he doesnt deserve u or your kids love if hes not showing he cares.

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