Friday, August 20, 2010

How do you get your ex-boyfriend to just back off!?

i mean, come on! we were on again off again couples and i found out he was cheating on me before on one of our on-again off-again relationship and i dumped him. FOR GOOD! so why does he keep coming back? i see him flirting with so many girls its not even funny. what do i say to get the message in his head that i DO NOT like him?How do you get your ex-boyfriend to just back off!?
How about with a doubled barrel shot gun?How do you get your ex-boyfriend to just back off!?
be real wit he tell him how u feel with out making it sound so bad
heck you got a bad prob ...tellhim straight up just to scare him if you dont back off i will call the cops
More than likely he thinks its been on again off again before, he figures its ok to be on when he pleases. You have to make sure he understands you dont like him anymore, if he doesnt understand words a restraining order may help.
He keeps coming back how? In your face? If he calls, block his number, block is email, put a stop to whatever contact you are getting from him. If he's bothering you in person, threaten to get a restraining order...make it clear that you're done with the relationship and if he needs the cops to help him understand that, you're quite capable of dialing their number.
well..SLAP him on the face will be nice...hehehehe!if that still doent work..ask your friend with a big body to tell him...problem solved...
A big dog...

or lacking that, a new, really big boyfriend.

out of site is out of mind. Avoid him and he'll eventually get the hint. Remember one thing, everyone wants what they can't have. Trust me, you NOT wanting him is an even bigger turn on than if you did want him. You could try sending him a video tape of you and some other guy Paris H. Style. That might give him the little hint you are trying to give him.
Tell that ***** to **** off cause you are to old to play with kids.LOL
restraining order ....

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