Friday, August 20, 2010

What does it mean when your ex girlfriend sends you a text message?

Well me and my ex girlfriend got into another big argument over us not talking anymore. She broke up with me on New years and Ive tried keeping her as a friend but she seems not to want to. She is always telling me how I am nothing to her and etc. Well I told her that I understood and said to her that Iam going to stop know.Then last week on wednesday she txt me saying ';Listen to according to you';;) best song ever';. I didnt text her back but I listened to it but I dam well know that that is something I never ever felt towards her. Well on Friday I saw her because I was at her house cause of her mom and was washing the dishes for her. When I was done her mom told me thank you and I had my headphones on so i wouldnt hear my ex girlfriend or even look at her.My ex girlfriend had said thank you but I didnt hear her and continued walking to her bros room when her mom told me what she said. Then she comes in bugging her mom and I pretend to be doing something so that I dont look at her. I had the radio on but not loud and thats when she goes in the living room and plays that song ';accourding to you';. She just got me mad but I didnt say anything.Everytime Iam talking to her mom she makes a lil comment but by mumbleling it. I just dont know what else to think.What does it mean when your ex girlfriend sends you a text message?
It;s time to stop hanging out at her house - I'm not sure what you are doing there exactly.

Good job not responding to her text message - next time delete it before you read it so it won't bug you enough to listen to the song.

Time to remove her from your life - her and her family.What does it mean when your ex girlfriend sends you a text message?
Continue doing what your doing
thats very sweet of u to do the dishes(: u sound pretty hot how old are 13 haha well this girl is kinda retarded..she broke up with you. she sounds pretty controlling anyway. find someone new!
She's crazy. Find a New One.
She seems a bit strange to be honest, i think the best thing you can do is move on - but you wont be able to do this while you're still hanging out at her house! it sounds like shes not quite over you yet, (cos shes been texting u and inviting u round her house) so im sorry to say this but i think the best thing to do is to find someone else. Good luck x
she is very immature. she broke up with you..she wants you to be devestaed. but obviously you are not, and that kills her.
How old are you? She sounds very immature.. by my guess I say 8th grade or 9th..but yeah forget about her she's just trying to piss you off by making you feel like ****... not unless you treated her badly? Think about your past relationship with her and see how you treated her, maybe she's right. Ya never know. But if you think you did nothing wrong screw that crazy bit ch! :p Good luck bud.
It means nothing and you think too much,she is lonely

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