Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you tell your wife you cheated on her?

What if you went to visit a relative and your sister came over with your ex girlfriend? You know that the sister does not like your wife, even though she is a good person. What if you got really drunk and left your relatives house with the ex girlfriend and woke up in a motel room the next moring? What would you do if the ex girlfriend finds your home number and calls the wife as you were coming home and tells her that you left your wallet in the motel room? What if you did not mean for this to happen and figured our you were set up by the sister and other relatives in order to ruin your marriage? What if you have been with this woman for over 15 years and are now about to lose everything behind a one night stand that should not have happened?How do you tell your wife you cheated on her?
It's no one's fault but yours - face the music, loser!How do you tell your wife you cheated on her?
I don't think you have to tell her. Sounds like the old girlfriend just did.

All you can do is tell her you're sorry, it was a mistake, only happened once, you were drunk and it meant nothing. She will have to decide whether it's worth saving the marriage or not. If you're lucky enough that she doesn't divorce you, plan on being on probation a long, long time until you can rebuild the trust., you're worried you're going to lose everything now and not before?

I can tell you that when I cheated, I EXPECTED it to ruin my marriage. I was at a point when I wanted it ended and I took the chicken-crap way... In the long run, however, my wife grew to forgive me and she and I worked on a lot of our problems to make our marriage stronger.

So, good luck!
That's right, it should not have happened! So now you have to take responsibility and deal with the consequences. Your wife already knows, so why do you have to tell her? Ditch the excuse that you were ';set up,'; no one can force you to do what you don't want to do, especially have sex with someone.
stop acting like you are a victim, you f-ed someone else --- THATS what you did. Now, you will pay the price and be accountable for your actions.
I wouldn't have gotten drunk and left with the ex..... see, making the first 2 decisions of the night good ones instead of bad ones would have avoided this whole issue.
You stop blaming everyone else. You stop making up a lame excuse such as drinking and tell her the truth as to why you cheated. You beg her for forgiveness and answer all of her questions honestly.
It's your fault sweetie...nothing to do with your family. When my husband had sex with another woman...he asked first. I gave him my consent and he had his fun. You should try honesty---it really is a remarkable thing.
Take the details to your grave - never admit to anything. Deny it all and spend the rest of your life making it up to your wife.
wow i think whats done is done, theres really no excuses. this is why you really shouldn't drink. Your family should know better and so should you, why did you stay there and allow for her to be there? where was your wife? why was she not at the the place with you? Its not all your family fault its your too. there must have been some underlying feelings there not just alcohol. Maybe your wife will be somewhat understanding , everyone reacts differently. !5 years a long time to ruin, good lick yu have to tell her no matter what. it will surface one day, be honest and say it just like you did here. she'll still be pissed but maybe it might help.

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