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How do you handle being just friends with your ex boyfriend when you still have feelings for them?

I don't see how its possible for me to move on if I still wanna be with my ex bf. I get jealous even thinking of him with someone else. So how do you handle this???How do you handle being just friends with your ex boyfriend when you still have feelings for them?
Just reminding yourself they are not with you anymore doesn't always work. There are just some ex's you just can't be friends with anymore because well, sometimes the baseline feelings just don't go away for a long time. I don't think there is a need to be rude about it and yes maybe one day down the road a friendship will rebuild but for now your emotional health is priority one and the friendship with him is a distant second.How do you handle being just friends with your ex boyfriend when you still have feelings for them?
However much you want to remain friends with your ex, it's sometimes really difficult because you both may need to be with someone else. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with being friends, you just have to make sure you don't get too jealous if he starts seeing another girl. It's difficult straight after a break-up becasue your emotions change and there are bound to be those little things that remind you of being together. I was in a similar position and wanted to speak/see my ex but it didn't seem like he wanted to at that stage. Now i've sorted myself out a bit and feel like i can actually survive without him! Perhaps leave it a few weeks then see how you feel towards him. Good luck xxx
i know exactly how you feel.

my ex and i broke up not too long ago and i still have feelings for him.

it's really up to you whether you wanna move on or not.

if you do wanna move on i say:

-try giving yourself space from him. it doesn't mean you have to totally ignore him, but try hanging out with a different group of friends if he's apart of your circle of friends

-take some time for yourself, do things you used to do when you were single; reading, hobbies, etc.

-friends! friends always help you through situations like these. rely on them to help you take your mind off of him

if you wanna keep going for him:

*yes, the breaking up part is the hardest stage to get over. but there are some things you can do in the healing process

-give him some space. you both need it, which is why the breakup occurred in the first place. this'll give you both time to think things out and get back to a clear, mental state of mind

-keep yourself busy; turn off your phone and just relax. sometimes you just need to get away from all the craziness in the world and just take some time for yourself

i hope this helps!

best wishes!
Im in the same boat as you. I broke up with my ex 3 months ago, yet he wants to be friends and I told him NO, because to me it's not going to help me to move on. I told him we can't be friends and better not to talk anymore, although I miss him very much but I know there's no point at all of being ';friends';, not at this point of time at least.

Focus on yourself and don't even bother talking to him
if you still have feelings with your ex and you wanna get over him, it is best that you set distance between the two of you. it would be better and faster for you to heal and move on. esp. if you think he doesn't want to get back with you.

it would be an additional burden for you if you would keep in contact with him and you know you still love him.
Give yourself some space away from him. It sounds like you are not giving yourself a chance to grieve for the relationship, and by hanging on as friends, maybe there is a tiny little hope inside that you might get back together again?

You need to lose the love, and get used to just being friends. I don't know if it will work or not, but you owe it to yourself to heal.
how can you mone own when you still sleep together? why did you sllep with him as you are not with him?

%26amp; why you are not with him if you both have feelings?i dont untersrand........

if you CAN be with him then OK, nice, if not then YOU have ot stop talking ot him ,or NOT to see him

how you are now is really ont ok!!
hmm...this is a tough

wat u can do is that u maintain to be NORMAL friends with him..and u should start meeting new guys..try making new frends..who knows? like that, u may develop a thing for other guy and u will start to forget ur ex..but remember, just act like normal friends..its for your own to him when he talks to you..
I say you need to work on your jealousy. He's not your boyfriend, so you need to remind yourself of that.

I'd say it's best you not contact him anymore or at least until you've gotten over him.
Just watch snuggle bunny and you'll feel better. :) Seriously though just take things day by day, talk to him. Have a serious talk with him about both of your feelings and see where that goes.
I'd just talk to him. Yall are buds, so just ask him about the breakup. Just say you still kinda like him.
It's gonna be hard which is why you have to try doubly hard to ignore him. Even when you guys may be hanging out as friends..You can be with hanging with someone but still ignore them because your personality and focus at the time is not mirroring them.

Eg. You guys are haning out and he's talking to you, and you're perky and bubbly and although you're listening you're also very aware of your surroundings, people passing by, a cute puppy...and he's talking and you cut him off and go that puppy is so cute!

I'm not saying it has to be exactly like that but it's like you're hanging on his every word. He has your attention but not your focus.

It is important that even if you don't feel that bubbly way to project that to him (don't go overboard that it's fake)because he'll see you as this bubbly, fun, great girl and start to wonder why he broke up with you.

Of course this isn't a guarantee that he'll run back to your arms but it could make him see beyond whatever it is that caused you guys to break up and want to get back together or at the very least secure you a spot in his life as one of his best friends. That positive attitude also helps you to get over him because in time it won't be an act it will come naturally and that positive energy projects positive people.

Good luck!

as you are like ball of energy and happiness and so in love with life and the things around you.

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