Friday, August 20, 2010

What's the weirdest thing your (ex or current) gf/bf ever did to you?

I got a call one evening from my (now ex) gf's dad. That seemed really out of the blue to me. We had been dating a few months and at the time she was living with her parents.

So, he doesn't say much, and just passes the phone to his daughter (my gf).

I say something like, ';That was a bit strange. Why did your dad call me?';

She answered, ';He didn't call you. What are you talking about?';

';Yeah. He just called me now, and passed the phone to you. It's no big deal, I'm just saying it was a little strange, that's all.';

';But he didn't do that.';

';Yes he did.';

';Are you O.K.? What's happening?';

';I'm O.K.';

';He never called you. Why are you acting so strange.';

';It's not a big deal, but he did call me. Why don't you believe me? I can show you my call log to prove that he called me.';

';What's wrong with you?';

';Um, O.K., let's just forget this. How are you doing?...';What's the weirdest thing your (ex or current) gf/bf ever did to you?
My gosh - I';m glad she's your ex.... maybe that family needs to seek psychiatric help.

My weirdest guy thing: my bf and I started dating...and I thought he was 26. So for an entire 8 months together, I was going around thinking he was that age. For whatever reason, I ';googled'; him, figuring if he was sketchy it would be good to get on that, finally...

Turns out he's 27. Not a big deal - but then I told him ';hey I thought you were born in 1980!!'; and he said ';Nope...the google search was right, I was born in 1979....sorry.'; Thing was, though, he knew I thought he was 26 but he was too embarassed to correct me....which is what really gave me a ';wtf'; moment.What's the weirdest thing your (ex or current) gf/bf ever did to you?
weird yep my ex suggested to my lawyer that I might have ming (ancient Chinese ) vases I wish I did then maybe I would have been happier to divorce ,pay the settlement sum and the cost of the lawyer at the best now it is done and neither of us were happy he thought I paid too little I thought I paid too much it is all weird!!!!!
The dad was probably cheating.

His gf/mistress rang and said something he was questioned as to who was on the phone, he hung up and hit redial and it was you!'

Your gf is strange to not believe you
shadddyyyy. i have a feeling that her phone called you by mistake and he picked it up for her and handed it to her.
Once she called me at her home. I gave time to meet her. I reached there in time , just to found that no one is at home except his brother. I waited her long. She came after about an hour.

I said '; Why you did so ';

';I wasn't expecting you to come ';

';Why , You have called me and now your r saying this ';

'; I thought you will not come';

'; So you went out for shopping';

'; Ok , It wont happen again';
thats wierd!
We got into an arguement and ';he'; hung up on me and never spoke to me since. I mean we had everything planned out to sell house move etc. and then nothing! Oh Well!
A guy I loved for seven years told me he was just using me, after a whole three months of dating, to make me more girlie and get to my best friend. That was weird and unexpected, since we were kinda kissing at the time.

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