Friday, August 20, 2010

Guys and Girls. what do you HONESTLY think about this?

my ex was talking to me {i had a boyfrined at the time} and said he loves cares about me and all that love stuff...then a few days later he has a girlfriend...and he cant make the excuse that i had a boyfriend cause he KNEW i would choose him over my b.f. ANYDAY...

so is he over me? is he trying to get over me? did he move on? is he trying to make me jealous? he has stuff all over his myspace bout her saying he loves her and stuff and it took us bout 5 months to that to eachother.

ALSO is he has all that love stuff about her and she does too,

is it possible he doesnt really feel that way and hes just putting an act and stuff? can i get him back? do i have chance with him again?

please do i deal with him and his new g.f.? even tho hes ';supposebly'; in love with i still have a chance?

GUYS: do you still think about your ex even tho just a few days before you got with your new g.f. you were talking to her.

by the way he doesnt call or text me anymore EVER.Guys and Girls. what do you HONESTLY think about this?
Sorry to say this, but I think it is truely time to move on. If you two were meant for each other, then you will find each other once again. Otherwise time to find someone else.Guys and Girls. what do you HONESTLY think about this?
Move on, he already has, I'm sorry. If he were putting an act to make you jealous, he would have contacted you already. It's very simple, if a guy wants to be with you, he will be with you. He is with her now, which means he wants to be with her, not you.

I'm sorry.
';That was then and this is not';, it looks like loving you was easy, when he had no option, now he's got a choice and guess what?....... ';you loose';!!

Kinda say's something for the type of guy he is and how quick you ask ';how high';, when he yells, jump!!!

It doesn't matter how long it took him to get that far with you. She's not you!!

Could be the thrill of a new relationship or that he's more infatuated with her, than he was with you.

You need to move on either way. What's brokens, broken, things start looking pretty tacky, when they've been glued to too often.
he sounds completely confused, don't even bother with him, he is playing you, get over him, let him be a thing of the past , stay with your current bf as long as he treats you right.
He doesn't mean a word he's saying. He has the attention span of a goldfish and in whatever situation, he says what sounds good in that situation. He doesn't even remember the next day, I'll bet. Why you would even want ';another chance with him'; is beyond me. You must be one of those people who love wasting their lives on pointless non-relationships.
i still have feelings for my ex wife but i decided to move on with my life because i wanted to be happy and she's moved on with hers and im happy for her so you really need to move on and find someone that will make you happy after all every girl deserves to be happy
Who really decided? It sounds like you kicked him and he got you back with her. If that's the only communication youve had with him, he isnt coming back, and I dont blame him.
WOW ,Too complicated! Move on! You are thinking too much! Good Luck!
He wants to play with both of you. And he will if you let him. Don't trust him. He is just playing into both your emotions to see how far he can go with you both. He's not really giving himself to either one of you. Just enough to make you want to come back for more. Don't do it. You know how it will turn out.
I honestly think you're in the wrong section. This is marriage/divorce.
Sweetie, you asked for honest and here it is. You're still dating, and you should value yourself enough to not even THINK about a guy who's seeing someone else, no matter what he says. If he really cared about you that much, he wouldn't be seeing another girl.

Also, stop reading his myspace page. It will only drive you batty.

Best wishes to you.
Oops, sorry. I strayed into the ';singles %26amp; dating'; forum by mistake. I usually answer questions in married/divorce section. My mistake.
Move on unless he just hasn't had time to get an old girlfriend off his myspace.

Not calling you is a bad sign find someone who adores you.

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