Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What do you do when your ex boyfriend won't leave your family alone?

I have this ex boyfriend who just recently got out of prison and continues to visit my family, especially my sister. It has been four years since we broke up, because of him going to prison. I have been married for 1 year. He is constantly picking up my nephew and doing things with him/buying him things. He is even on the list to pick up my nephew at his school!!! I hate this guy with a passion, and want this to end. My sister and her husband don't see what is wrong here. But I have said to put themselves into my situation. They still don't get it! Am I wrong here? How do I solve this problem?What do you do when your ex boyfriend won't leave your family alone?
honey I'm sorry to say this but its not really your choose and there is nothing you can do about it. your family has to set up boundaries.he went to jail for a reason and no matter what reason it was it shows bad character or decision making.for them to allow their son with someone who shows either makes them sound like they are the same maybe you should cut some of you ties to your family.its never easy to do and if you love the little boy even harder to do but somethings have to be done.the only person you can make decisions for is you always remember that.I'm really sorry your going through this it sounds like it really sucks.good luckWhat do you do when your ex boyfriend won't leave your family alone?
get a restraining order against this guy and against your family while you're at it... OR get to a MEETING鈥?/a>

You are trapped in a white trash (or black trash) situation and need to get some help. Go to a meeting... find the courage to do it.
You are not wrong. It is EXTREMELY inconsiderate of them to ignore your feelings in this way. I am also concerned that they have an ex-con on the list to pick their kid up from school. What the h-e-l-l is wrong with them???
restraining order
go 2 da police and get a report
don't let the kid hang out with him.start asking the child lots of questions sounds like the guy is no good
Your ex-boyfriend seems to be associating with some good decent people. Just accept it and get on with your own life.
get a personal protection order
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