Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting your ex-girlfriend back?

I got dumped a month ago, a couple of days of pleading now and then failed completely, and now we're barely on speaking terms. I'm trying to recover but it's taking a lot longer than I expected.

There are all these articles and ebooks and programs online from 'dating coaches' that claim to give you advice or even training on how to get your ex back, are any of them for real?;q=get+your+ex-girlfriend+back%26amp;aq=f%26amp;oq=%26amp;safe=active

Did any guy here have this experience, only with a good ending?Getting your ex-girlfriend back?
Begging and pleading will only make you look weak to her and will further damage any chances you have of winning her back.

This is bad and sleazy, but the most effective tool on women is JEALOUSY! It drives them NUTS!!! Show her that you have moved and try and date the most attractive women you can find and make sure she finds out about it.

At the very least, if you don't get her back, you will have beautiful women to be with. I know it sounds messy and really tacky, but hey, you gotta get in the dirt sometimes.Getting your ex-girlfriend back?
You gotta get over it dude. Its hard. After you get dumped by somebody you really like, you feel hollow and life isn't worth living. I've been there. Everybody goes though it, that's part of dating. Life sucks sometimes, man up. DO NOT contact her anymore, you have to pretend like she doesn't exist. Forget all this online coaching garbage. If you stay positive and don't be a creep around women, you will find that this was a hard learning experience. Once you date somebody else, you will forget her completely. I repeat, do not call, email or text her anymore.
Its different for any situation and depends on the girl. Ive read that jealousy works (let her find u on a date with a hot girl). bUt seriously dude ive been in your position, And i have gotten back with one ex and it really took alot!!! alot of time, money and anguish. And guess what....we still ended up breaking up again. I know exactly how u feel. The reality is that with time things will get better...have faith in that. The moment u stop chasing her the more she will start to wonder what happened to u. And if u were a good guy that my friend is guaranteed. Hope this helps and god luck
You guys broke up for a reason right? It's a big world out there get out and live a little bro!
I saw that too, was curious if it was good.

I think the main thrust of the advice I've seen is to make sure she sees you being strong, cool, and independent without her. That is how you were when you met and she fell for you in the first place. Seeing you that way again may excite her and make her want you back.

Girls are goofy because they switch from feeling emotionally needy to emotionally smothered. Tactically speaking, better to keep them in the needy mode. Once they feel smothered, you have to back off and act all cool and aloof like you've got other friends to see and other things to do so she can see that you are not totally dependent on her.

Remember, a woman wants a man she can feel safe and comfortable with,. not the other way around.

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