Monday, August 16, 2010

How did you handle seeing your ex with another girl?

How hard was it? How did you get over it? Are you really over it? I have 2 kids with my ex, but he was an a%26amp;^hoe. He treated me like crap, he used to abuse me. He had a horrible temper. I haven't seen him with anyone yet, but I just can't imagine what I would do. I mean I probably should be thanking her or feeling sorry for her, but I don't know how I will handle seeing him with someone else even if he was a wortless piece of ....How did you handle seeing your ex with another girl?
If he treated you the way you said he did then it shouldnt bother you to see him with someone else. You should be thankful that you are not in that situation anymore and can find someone that will treat you the way you want to be treated. I imagine that even though he treated you bad you still ove him in some way and that might make it a little harder to see him with someone but you have to think about your children too. They dont need to be around that anymore than you did. Just find you someone else and dont think about him.How did you handle seeing your ex with another girl?
Thank God! He isn't bugging me anymore..

Just kidding.. Actually I really like his new wife. I think she is good for him. Good Luck to her!
It was hard, i know.

I had my daughter when i was 15, and my boyfriend dumped me and left me. I had to watch him with his new girlfriend at school, everyday. I feel sorry for her, because i know what kind of a jerk he is.

God bless, and good luck.
Didn't give a hoot, was very glad to be rid of the lying, cheating, abusive, alcoholic.

I realized that I deserved better, and found it.
If he's your ex then move on. Try to find someone that will take care of you and love you for who you are and try to focuse on that relationship. You can delete his number and try to remove things that remind you if possible. Start replacing them with things that remind you of your new relationship. I know that you will never forget him or never stop thinking of him but try to move on. And a piece of advice. Although you may be thinking of him dont talk about him in a new relationship. It may ruin the new one.
i was kinda in the same spot just without the kids and when i first saw him with someone else i was happy for him and myself because that meant he would nt be coming back to me and he truely moved on...which gave me closure into moving on be happy for him ofcourse when you first see her your going to compare yourself to her and be judging but thats just human nature.. just be thankful your not with him anymore and now you have time to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy
looks like you were the problem.
Well, I look at what I had with what I have... I have a wonderful husband of which helped to give me two amazing children... None of my ex's were even worth it. So, I look at it as, I'm better off and that has been the last thought ever. Who cares that they're with someone, who cares what they're up to. I have a better life now than then.... that is all that matters to me.
I took my wife of 10 years now from one of my best buddies. If it wasn't meant to be than it wasn't time to move on.

Good luck

Phil B

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