Monday, August 16, 2010

Have you ever got back with your ex, and how did it go?

I REALLY REALLY miss my ex, and I even feel like I'm willing to do anything I can get back him (I know it sounds kinda pathetic though....). I wonder how often people get back with their ex and how it worked. Thanks for your advice.Have you ever got back with your ex, and how did it go?
yes :[ it went horrible. i liked him so much and he left me. so i tried so bad to get him back, i even made him a video apologizing for things i didnt even do :l so he decided to take me back.... and he hurt me 3 days later and broke my heart again cause i didnt ';change'; for him...

like they say,

You're ex is an ex for a reason, don't look back, but look ahead.

and, i really miss my ex before that too. i broke up with him, but i just keep telling myself to move on, everything will be better if i just move on. ill find someone new. :[ dont, keep looking. you'll find someone who will make you even happier.

';Youll be happy in the end, and if you're not happy, its not the end.';Have you ever got back with your ex, and how did it go?
well if you guys both miss eachother it will work but if only one misses one it might work.but in some time sit works.if you were happy with him you should go for him again if you were sad or confused all the time you should wait until you forget him.
My question to you is...why is he your ex? What caused you to break up. I guess anthing is possible but on the other hand a '; EX '; is a ';EX'; for a reason and...maybe some things should stay where they are in the past. Good Luck

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