Monday, August 16, 2010

Would you keep your ex love letters?

I know it's sound wrong to keep your ex love/goodbye letter but i happened to have some letters from my ex that i kept secretly. She was my best ex girlfriend even though i didn't get to spend much time with her; 3 months together, 2 months apart (long distance), i broke up with her after she came back to me, but then decide to leave again. I did it because I couldn't stand long distance relationship anymore. After we broke up i was able to find a new girlfriend after 3 months of confused if i did the right thing. It has been 4 years now and i have been very happy with my new girlfriend ever since, but once in a while out of nowhere came back my memory with my ex...and then i wonder to myself if i was regretting breaking up with her or grateful that i did because i got very good relationship with my new girlfriend. My ex is marry now and i am very happy for her, but still i can not let go of her letters... The letter contains memories of our happiest time together and how i was her first love that really make her world turn around with a smile...etc... What is wrong with me? What should i do with her letters? Should i burn it?Would you keep your ex love letters?
Of course burn them! Your in a new relationship and your ex is married.Would you keep your ex love letters?
if u m0ved 0n and s0 did ur ex u sh0uld thr0w them away because i kn0w it w0uld b0ther my bf if he saw that knid0f stuff. if u have a hard time its 0nly because u were 0nece in l0ve. im n0t g0ing to lie i had my letters but i thru al0t away 0nce i realized i m0ved 0n and s0 did my ex i still think 0f him fr0m time t0 time but n0thing m0re
Burn them and move on my friend. Life has many women so why float on a memory with the letters?
I kept a love letter from my ex. It was the only love letter I ever received and it was really heart felt, and he was my first love. Even though I have no feelings for him anymore and I'm in an even better relationship, I still won't get rid of it. It has so much meaning, and brings back so many cute memories of when I was in love at 17 years old. I couldn't even dream of throwing it out.

If you have no feelings for your ex and you're happy for her, then keep those notes as your happy memories. Just because you have them doesn't mean you're unhappy in your relationship now at all.

I look back on that letter sometimes and it makes me smile so big, knowing that at that age, I had someone that really cared about me. He was a big part of my life back then and burning that letter wouldn't change that.

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