Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to get over your ex girlfriend?

My girlfriend has recently broken up with me out of impulse (she was angry). Even though if i get back together with her i know she is just going to treat me like dirt because that's what it was like from the start. She never respected me, never said she loved me, she went behind my back to talk to her ex boyfriend even though she knew i didn't like that (ex boyfriend had feelings for her when we were together) and alot more. She basically didn't care about me like i cared about her. Even though i think she may be like the girlfriend from hell part of me still wants to be with her. What should i do? Should i just stay this way or should i take her back.? What should i doHow to get over your ex girlfriend?
If you know you are just going to be walking back into a bad relationship then I would not take her back. It will be easier to get over it now and move on then get back into the relationship and then have it end and deal with the heartbreak again. Just keep yourself busy, hang out with friends, do things that make you happy. You will start to feel better with time.

Hope I helped :)How to get over your ex girlfriend?
Someone was being honest and showing true colors and that was her. Even if it was out of anger, she must have had these feelings for quite some time. Also, she has a lack of respect for you because she was going behind your back talking to her ex. If you know that she's the girlfriend from hell, why put yourself through that when you can find someone better? It's hard to let go but in the long run, it'll better for you and you'll have a happier life.
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