Friday, August 20, 2010

How to CUTOFF AND OUT your ex?

ex is trying to ruin my relationship with my sister. we are divorced and ex has never cared about my family but now is trying to get ';close'; to my sis... WTF... how can i handle this my sis even hates her but my ex is sucha good actress she can even make ppl that dont like her feel bad for her... what can i do to my ex SO SHE GETS THE POINT TO BUTT OUT AND STAY OUTHow to CUTOFF AND OUT your ex?
your sister has to initiate the 'stay away' policy, that she is no longer welcome around the family. Period...How to CUTOFF AND OUT your ex?
I've already answered another one of your questions - simple - you can't do anything. If she's trying to win her way back into the family then let her be. She's not going to win anything is she. You're happy with your girlfriend and in no way considering getting back with her. I said it before in another of my answers - she only has power if you give it to her - ignore her!!! She will get the message of how little you care about her if you don't give her any attention.

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