Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you get your Ex bestfriend to stay out of your life...?

My ex bestfriend is just saying stuff to **** up my life we stopped being friends over like a year%26amp; a half ago over something i didnt do and her older brother is best friends with my brother so its kinda weird she told her older brother that i called their house and her little brother answered the phone and i told him i wanted to kill him and i would never do that! nobody believes me but i was thinking that she was jelous because i was hanging with other person(im not mentioning names) like i would never do that to anyone! even if how much i hated them...and she said i was throwing rocks at her bestfriends little brother and neise how pathetic is that! She even brought my bestfriend into it i just hate her and usually it takes alot for me to hate someone... Even my brother is taking sides with them... I just dont know what to do? PLEASE HELP! 鈾icole Thanks muches!How do you get your Ex bestfriend to stay out of your life...?
first of all wat a bi**h i mean that aint cool! okay so wat you do is okay ____{w/e her name is} i am sick and tired of all of your crap and if you gone be like that then lets take this outside! im on your side! i think youll win this fight!How do you get your Ex bestfriend to stay out of your life...?
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take her on jerry springer and beat her @$$!! lol
Call witnesses - those she claimed you threw rocks at or you threatened to kill %26amp; interrogate them in front of your brother. And make sure that your brother believes you at the very least.

Then call her out as a liar %26amp; also point out that was why she's an ex-best friend.
punch her in the mouth so she will shut know you want to, she deserves it...

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