Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How many ex's have you had try to get back with you?

a year or so after you broke up, and tried to sneak back into your daily routine even though they know they screwed up big time. How many of your ex's have persistently tried even thought you clearly told them to f*** off when you broke up?How many ex's have you had try to get back with you?
only one, but i moved 800 miles away. he kept calling and i finally screamed into the phone LEAVE ME THE F***K ALONE!How many ex's have you had try to get back with you?
Only 1 and it was sort of scary. He kept coming back no matter how many times I told him it was over and so was the friendship. He some how knew where I was and what I was doing. This was many years go and I was a college student at the time and even had to get campus security involved. My own personal opinion is to a certain point its flattering but once that line has been crossed it just simple harrasment.

I had 2 wives and they both keep getting in my life.

Srry but I kept the kids and the house.
None, but I dont have a big list of ex's either.
i swear that all my ex's at some point had a radar.....just when i get everything in life back in order, all's sorted and well from the sheer hell that i went through with them and recovery afterwards....that's when they call out of the blue and do their whole sweet talk, let's go ';hang out'; some time...blah blah blah. two of them actually went so far as to go through my best friend in order to ';prove'; that they were sincere.
All of them! nah just kidding, I would change my number, and if I see them I act as if I don't know them.
all of many would i take back? 0!
Most of them actually. I dated a lot of losers before I dated my now husband, and I never went back to those ex's. They were left for a reason.
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