Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you resolve your feelings for your ex?

You two were very close (not sexually however) and then he suddenly broke up with you with no solid reason; then after a month or so of not talking he decided he missed talked to you and wanted to be friends. You thought you were over him/moved on but now you don't know anymore and you can't get your feelings for him/memories out of your head. He is throwing you in circles again. He'll talk to you online but sometimes he will have a complete 360 and not even say hi at school. What is up?How do you resolve your feelings for your ex?
He doesn't deserve you if he's crazy like that! You deserve better...move on and leave the loser behind so he regrets losing you.How do you resolve your feelings for your ex?
all is the fakes.. except he's really loves u..

just ignore him until he really go for u..
Time to move on.
Wait until you fall in love with someone else.
knock his head with helmet. i think he's playing with your feeling. just ignore him. he deserve that.
He is checking you out to see if you will have sex with him. What he's doing right now is lowering your barriers to him. If you don't want to become his emotional yo-yo you need to untie the string that binds you to him. Take your hand, shape it into a knife, using a downward motion, symbolically cut him from you. Then understand that you are moving on from him and all those crazy games he's trying to play. That's the first step. Everything from then on is up to you. Write a list of all the things you have wanted to do and begin doing them one at a time. Eventually enough time will go by and you'll wake up and not realize he was a part of your life.
He does not know what is he trying ..maybe he is using you or maybe missing you may never know ..unless...

when he is on a more talking mode with you ... try to sit down and talk ..tell him ..';im over you but i dont get this bit: you broke up for no rhyme/reason and now you insist on being friends but act so awkward... i think you owe me a few explainations';';

say that ... the reaction will also give you the ans. to how to resolve your feelings...

cos if he is just toying with you ... you dont want that to happen no more.

As far as your bein in love is concerned.. darling welcome to the adult world..this is maybe just the beginning .. youl eventuqally get over him.
maybe he is unsure of himself and regrets what he did and doesn't know how to approach you face to face. maybe you shoulg go up to him and say hi instead =]

don't always leave it up to the guy.. he might be waiting for you =p talk to him about it, see what he wants / feels about the whole r/s
let him another guy!he sure does not deserve you!!!a certified player!!!!
start dating someone else you'll get over it quick
Slowly ease yourself into their life until you become friends. SLOWLY! Steps for days:

1: Smile

2: Wave

3: Say ';hi';

Then you go from there.
he likes u but he doesnt kno if u like him so he is playin it safe.cause when he talks to u on the comp he likes is cause its just u and him but at school u are always around som1 else.
Let Him go...
Like a cut to the skin, time heals those wounds. Sadly, only time can shed the immediate feeling of loss and confusion.

What you can do is stop playing the game and move on.

When you sit worrying about him, you could meet Mr Right.

Or Mr Right Now.
i had almost the same scenario happen to me-

in time i found out there was someone else.... yup- and when they were on the rocks he would be cool with me- and then when they were cool he'd be all ignoring and shady with me-

so my advice:

consider it as done as charbroiled and MOVE ON
gurl...... now u no he still lik u... he juz playin' hard 2 get at school but at home hez nice.....hez juz lik a penny 2 faced and worthless
maybe hes hurting i think you and him should talk about the way hes treating you he mite be playing hard to get treat him the same way

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