Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When you have a little sexy time with yourself, should you avoid fantasizing about your ex?

Okay, I'll just cut to the chase.

When you masturbate, should you not include fantasizes about your ex??

Is it unhealthy on some level? Should you reserve your fantasies for new people? Or even a pretend person (no matter how sad that is)?

Or is it not a big deal either way. I don't want to get my hopes up but I also am having trouble imaging myself with anyone else.

I don't think my ex deserves to be in my fantasies, tbh. But he just keeps popping up in there, the jerk.

What do you think???When you have a little sexy time with yourself, should you avoid fantasizing about your ex?
Well, if you still have feelings for him then yes AVOID it!! Its not unhealthy but its probably unhealthy for your heart, if you know what i mean. By all means girl just watch porn. You don't have to make people up in your head and online you can find what ever your looking for. That way you don't have to imagine yourself with someone else you can watch other people!! Well good luck girl!When you have a little sexy time with yourself, should you avoid fantasizing about your ex?
its ok to fantasize about anything or any one that gets you off and he must have done somthing right to you when you were together to be coming back to you when your haven a play
If you're struggling to imagine yourself with anyone else while doing it, maybe find a picture of them and see if that helps you imagine it?

As it happens, I still sometimes fantasize about my ex too, something I really don't like.
Naw, dude. If it's just a fantasy, it's okay.

Unless you still have feelings for him, or something...

Maybe he was just really good in bed!?

Fantasize about whatever you want. It's your fantasy!
You control your mind.

Just watch or look at something else:)
I think about what ever has me hot at the moment. It might be a guy, it could be a girl. It might even be how good a certain position feels.
get diffrent ex's to think about

its normal btw when you masturbate your sense of thinking and reason are lessend
This person was a large part of your life, he knew you very well 'INSIDE' and out meaning he may have known how to heat it up in the bedroom. That's all. He knew how to physically attract you. Ya he's a jerk, Ya you will never give him the honor to be with you again, but you know what? you two had a thing that was good in the sense of senses... he knew what you liked and he may have been Hot.... so what?!

So all i'm saying is you're not trying to tell your self to deeply be with him, you're saying you want to be horny he knew what satisfied you and you'll get that satisfaction through an awesome fantasy.... its his moves your fantasizing not him, he's just what you associate with those actions...

if nobody turns you on at the moment, why not right? Its all in the mind, there is no harm in fantasizing about him to get you off. Or maybe you could head to a club/bar and see if you hit it off with any guys, you might find someone new to fantasize about.
In fantasy, and as long as you keep it to yourself and don't let it cross-over to reality, everyone is free game. In fact, some of us keep ';fantasy fodder'; files in our mind--people you don't want anything to do with in real life but can plug into a great fantasy. Doesn't hurt anyone, gives you some relief, fun as heck.
Hope a guys point of view is ok. Well it is ok as long as you don鈥檛 obsess over him. You鈥檙e just remembering the pleasant feelings u 2 had together during that moment; but then feel bad afterwards. I have done that myself several times. I have even had several x-gf鈥檚 call me just to 鈥榗hat鈥?n then they cleverly lead me into phone sex to get them off. Of course I didn鈥檛 mind because they reciprocated; but most of my break ups have been done w/out hurting anyone, n are still friends with some. You could even find someone online to fill that void till you find someone else and help remove his unwanting presence. It would be harmless, anonymous, and fulfill your current need. Good luck n Hope that helps

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