Friday, August 20, 2010

What would you think if your ex girlfriend mentioned wanting to move in with a 55 year old?

I used to be together with this girl from december to july and then broke up with her because she really stopped putting effort into the relationship, got addicted to World of Warcraft and spent all her time with friends from there. Anyway, I keep in touch with her, once every week or two. I phoned her yesterday and she was talking a lot about her WoW friend Charlotte. He's 55 and so I never think much about it. Yesterday though she mentioned how charlotte was sad her parents were restricting her computer use to 3 hours a day, and she wished she could move in with him so they could spend more time playing WoW together. My reaction was disbelief and to laugh, but now I'm concerned about her. She's 19 years old and I don't like how she's talking about this 55 year old. She even mentioned after 9 pm the conversations in her WoW guild are of a more adult nature. What should I do? Should I tell her parents?What would you think if your ex girlfriend mentioned wanting to move in with a 55 year old?
definatly give the parents the info on this situation. You dont know what kind of person this is that she is planning on moving in with he could be some weird sicko creep!What would you think if your ex girlfriend mentioned wanting to move in with a 55 year old?
She is no longer with you, so what she does with her life is her problem. You may not mean much in the present circumstances
Key word: EX...let her make her own mistakes, she no longer yours to be concerned about.
Who cares she is your EX...
She's 19 which makes her a legal adult. Telling her parents and them trying to stop her will likely just push her in that direction. She lacks the maturity and experience to see what a poor idea moving in with someone old enough to be her grandfather is...sounds like she needs help with her gaming addiction actually.
my boyfriend plays world of warcraft and you dont even know the real people who are playing.

Yes please do tell her parents.. her thinking about moving in with an older man just to play a game is very dangerous. She knows nothing about him, or anything. She is too young to be with this man and she doesnt even know his intentions.

She will be mad at you for telling her parents, but later on she will realize that you did this because you care about her as a friend and dont want nothing to happen to her.
Reminds me of the scene from Big Daddy when Adam Sandler busts his gf with that old dude.

I would just move on. She's obviously got issues if she's busy playing a videogame and her life revolves around it. Move on and let her learn her mistake while she is young. But if the guys some kind of psycho using WoW as a means to meet kids I would let someone know.
i dont think about ex's
Holy shnit a 55 yr old eww gross 4real she is 19 by telling her parents she'll do it anyways she's stupid as hell let her go Will just let her go if she wants to be stupid let her be retarded then 4real.
I'm still thrown that the guy's named Charlotte. My name's Charlotte, and it's rare that I meet other females named Charlotte, let alone guy.

Aside from his name, something's really creepy about this guy. Maybe it's the whole WoW thing. I'd tell her parents to be on the safe side. It's not as if they can stop her from moving in with him, because after all, she's an adult, but maybe they can persuade her to rethink this decision.

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