Friday, August 20, 2010

Would you support your pregnant ex-girlfriend if she cheated on you?

Let's say, you broke up with your ex (dating for only two months) because she cheated on you with two other men. A month later she came forward and said that she was pregnant by you, but the date the baby was conceived was right around the cheating/breaking up. There is a possible chance the baby may or may not be yours and she won't be able to find out until after birth.

Would you support her during her pregnancy or wait until she has proof on how the real daddy is? What of the fallowing would you/should you do for her or not?

-Taking her to her doctor appointments, picking out the right doctor, finding the right hopsital for birth, birthing classes

-Buying food for her

-Buying materinty clothes for her

-Giving her free rides (to like the grocery store, friends house, etc)

-Helping with the baby shower

-Helping her with rent

Would the fact that she doesn't have any income or that if she didn't get help she may be homeless cause you to help her out more, even after she lied and cheated on you.

Thanks!Would you support your pregnant ex-girlfriend if she cheated on you?
we'll first of all no second of all no and third of all where the hell are the other guys this stupid **** slept with r they chipping in?Would you support your pregnant ex-girlfriend if she cheated on you?
If I was the guy I would definitely wait to find out if it was mine. There will be plenty of child support for the next 18 years, no need to be hasty and start doing all this work and giving money for a child that maybe isn't his and a cheating ex that obviously had no respect for him.
Regardless of who the father is, do you love her and the baby enough to support them? Nevermind the circumstances. The lives of two other people are at stake. Can you put aside your hurt feelings, forgive and take responsibility? I'm not saying you must support them, but would it be a crime to do so?
If I were a guy and this BS happened to me, I don't think I would rush into helping her @ all till AFTER that baby was here and DNA proved it was mine. And then I would b in the courthouse THAT day 2 file 4 custody! She sounds like a real troll! And don't tell me that she is going to b homeless. Welfare wont allow her to b. They will bump her up to the front of any list (bcuz she is up the duff) and she will b fine! Let her go to the other guys that this kid might b and have them help her out now! See if they will jump to it! Bet they don't either!
Hoestly, I think it might be sufficient to pick out a doctor and maybe give her like $150 a week or something until you know for sure if the babies yours. Also, I believe theres a test where they can actually determine paternity while the woman is still pregnant so maybe you or your friend or whatever can check into that

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