Friday, August 20, 2010

Is this normal after breaking up with someone you've been with for a few years?

My bf of 3 years broke up in the beginning of January. And it ended badly after I told him that him keeping me from being friends with a guy who I only saw as a friend and nothing more was not right. He snapped and yelled ';Get the **** out of here! I never wanna see you again!!'; with the look in his eye that said I could hit your right now. Then slammed the door right behind me. The only time I've cried was the drive home after he threw me out but since then I have yet to shed a single tear and moved on with my life pretty quickly even after my ex tried so hard to get back with me for a month after that. Well it's been three months and I've met quite a few guys since then and they fall really fast for me for some reason and I have no clue why. They're all really nice guys but I honestly just don't see them to be more than friends. They continue to try to pursue me and that just gets me to to pull away even more and then start thinking about my ex and miss him because I can't find a connection at all with these nice guys the way I had with my ex. I hate that I start missing him though because of how it ended and how angry he got and a bit of controlling/jealous he was in our whole relationship. Right now though I honestly don't want a relationship for awhile and just want to be surrounded by my friends but its really hard to get that through these nice guys and I feel bad because the last thing I want is for them to get there hopes up. So yea for all those who have been in long relationships is it normal for you to start missing your ex even if they've put you through a lot? Sorry for the length! I appreciate all the answers!!!Is this normal after breaking up with someone you've been with for a few years?
It is completely normal to miss them, no matter how they treated you. I was in a five year relationship with a guy who cheated on me, hit me and completely controlled me. It took me a very long time to get over him. That's how it is in those relationships when the guy controls you. Were there times in the relationship that were awesome? We will always remember the good times and miss them. Don't worry you will some day be ready to date again. Let's just hope you aren't one of the many who are attracted controlling guys...don't pass up the nice guys forever. Take care and just have fun.Is this normal after breaking up with someone you've been with for a few years?
Of course it's normal to miss him. I mean come on you were together for 3 years that's a long time. If you don't want a relationship make it clear to them in the beginning that way you were honest. As far as your ex goes maybe this break will good for him so he can see what has to change within himself to be a better person. Good Luck
despite the length, i really first want to say i am really sorry that you were treated like that and I am proud of you for not going back after he came back after a month because what he did was really immature!...........let him grow up maybe you guys are meant to be but when he gets a bit older.......also if he did that now, what would he do when you guys get married? Would he give you a divorce or throw you out and keep the kids with him? Is he serious? Does he not have any control over his anger?

Why cant u have guy friends?.......but it may have been partly ur fault if u gave him wrong signals or if ur guy friend liked u cuz like u sed ppl fall pretty easily for u so ur bf was politely asking u babe can u not talk to him? it might have been ur safety? cuz he cares and he didnt want to lose u?

Honestly if you cant feel the same for any other guy there is a reason for that......maybe cuz u and ur ex are meant to be and u guys have this connection

Remember everyone makes mistakes we are all human and plus its not like he CHEATED on u or HIT u.......he just slammed the door right? but did u come back home and apologize and try to understand him? Atleast he didnt beat u and kick u out ...the man just needed alone time and if u really knew him and understood him then u shudve calmed him down and explained to him

i mean REALLY? who was more important ....your relationship with your friend or your boyfriend?

sadly u chose ur friend.............but there is still a knot or linkage with u and ur bf which u have to tighten again which is why u are not able to move on becuz u cant leave sumthing behind if it is not meant to be left behind........

Good luck.

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