Friday, August 20, 2010

RELATIONSHP EXPERTS...I need your help ....How should I act around my ex-girlfriend?

So my ex and i broke up a few months ago. We did the off and on thing for a while, but we hadnt talked for a while until a yesterday. She called me to invite me to her b-day, and i politely accepted her invitation. But i am reluctant to even show up, because i am not sure how i should act. I guess i still have feelings for her and i wouldnt mind having her back in my life. But i am not sure how i would even go about doing this.

GIRLS: if it were your ex you had called to invite to your b-day party, how would you invision him acting to sweep you off your feet? What would you suggest i do? What has worked in the past? What hasnt? What drives you crazy?

GUYS: What have you done in the past, or how have you acted to get an ex girlfriend back? what worked? what didnt?

I need ALL the help i can get, so all of you relationship experts PLEASE give me as MUCH advice as possible. I need major details. I am not trying to come up with some elaborate plan, i just need suggestions. THANKS!RELATIONSHP EXPERTS...I need your help ....How should I act around my ex-girlfriend?
First of all, bring her flowers, they always work for us girls. Tell her how she's been doing, and just start up a conversation. And when the time is right. Kinda reminice about the past you had together with her. But be careful not to go overboard about it. And when she's also talking about the past. Tell her now much you miss that and look her dead in the eye and tell her you miss her. And see what she's got to say before you say anything else. And see where it goes from there. Hope it helps. Good LuckRELATIONSHP EXPERTS...I need your help ....How should I act around my ex-girlfriend?
The fact that she invited you to her birthday means that she probably still likes you. And it's probably because you treated her well when you two were still together.

If I invited my ex to my brithday party, I would envision him to be extra nice to me. And bring me really nice flowers and would want us to talk some about what's been going on with our lives and maybe reminisce about our past and maybe segue to what might happen in the future for us... then, we'll know from there.

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