Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What to do when your ex decides he wants a friendship?

I fell for my best friend two years ago. I thought we were in the beginning of a good relationship, even though I was scared to be in it... he didn't think the same, and each time I talked to him after we ended things all he has ever done since is hurt me, and say things to me like ';I'm sorry, but I can't fake being in love,';

Yet- fast forward to present day- Now he's trying to stay in touch with me, ie talk about his fantastic new live in girlfriend and ask me about my sex life. What does this mean? And why is he still trying to talk to me, even though I've told him no matter how I loved him back then and miss him now, we'll never be able to have any relationship like we used to? Why do people think exes can stay friends, and how can I get out of this relationship/friendship without being completely cold, rude, and seemingly bitter? Is there any way? He's all I've ever known about love. I just want to break away but still have my pride.What to do when your ex decides he wants a friendship?
Tell him. Infact, use his words - you cannot fake a friendship for his benefit. It hurts you too see him, and you'd rather he lost your number so that you don't lose your mind.

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