Friday, August 20, 2010

How do you forget about your ex-girl friend who broke your heart?

I had this girl who I dated for almost 2 years back in highschool. She was my first and still is so far. She been dating other guys since she broke up with me and two years later she called me saying to she wanted to get back and that she loves me. Not even month past by and she dumped me and 1 month later found another guy who she is dating now!

If you know any good tips please feel free to help! JUST DONT BE RUDE! I dont want to read how other people find someone's pain to be ammusement.

I want to forget her because I just feel like my life is ruined and ever since I've been very depressed.How do you forget about your ex-girl friend who broke your heart?
well being depressed will certainly keep you where she wants you for the next time she is on your own depression and join a your body and life,fell good about yourself and let time make you a more celebrated you really want to be hurt again...I dated a fellow for 5 years - his drugs, so called drug friends and a rich family showed me that I could love and care as much as anyone but not for myself to want to be with someone who cold never show me the love I it is my time for me and the rest of the world...give it a go..don't wait for her to come back this most probably have moved on and do not realise it...How do you forget about your ex-girl friend who broke your heart?
I hope you move along, be kind to yourself and laugh alot..all the best

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The easiest and simpliest way to Forget the worst nightmare in Life is to Be Forgiving from the core ofyour matter what.

If You have a big heart to Forgive then the natural forces of Narure will help you to forget and Heal.
First I will also break her heart and then I will dump her and then I will forget her
That's easy dude, Forgive and Forget.
you cant just forget her. if it were that easy people would never have memories. the best thing is to just try to move on. keep yourself busy and think positive. i promise not all girls are like that and one day you will meet the one who will turn your life upside down in a positive way
are you really going to dictate your life by some one else... dont let anyone else control your life but you, go do things you enjoy and just focus on yourself for a while.... have a goal and make steps to achieve it.... also analyse your ex, is she really worth it when she breaks up with you and moves on quickly? move on, except how it is and go have fun... remember this is YOUR life!
thats easy... go out with another girl... have fun with her and enjoy... and don't think of ur ex... think of what u have right now...
You will never forget your first, but it is time to find another girl even if only for some play.

Not being rude - but I think it is the only way to move on.
I went through this horrible break up last year, same circumastances as you, almost.

I set goals. If I could go three days without speaking to my ex, I would buy myself something nice, two weeks and I would get a manicure, three months and I would do something really nice for myself.

Surround yourself with good people and pets.

And, uh, you can find a male equivalent to spa treatments and manicures...
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